How can I tumble glass without the equipment?

Jane Jones
by Jane Jones
I want to make a picture out of glass pieces,but I want to prevent any cuts from the sharp edges
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  • Kat Davis-Moran Kat Davis-Moran on Nov 03, 2013
    You need a water source that is moving, like a river, or stream. You put broken pieces of glass in several layers of cheesecloth. Tie a heavy string to secure the glass doesn't come out. Place bag in running current, making sure to secure a string so you won't loose it. Then wait way to long to have sea glass. If you have a Laundry Mat in you town, not you mom's washer. Get a heavy duty cloth bag, Place your glass pieces and sand in it. Secure it so it won't open up. Put it in the heavy duty washer as few times. It would be easier just to go buy it.
  • Kim 'Kiewatt' Waknitz Kim 'Kiewatt' Waknitz on Nov 03, 2013
    I had seen some where to put glass pcs. sand and water in a plastic container (coffee can) cover and shake, shake and shake some more. Guess I would give it a try, nothing to lose. Good luck.
  • Jeanne888 Jeanne888 on Nov 04, 2013
    If you're trying to make a mosaic, I made one by using the 12x12 sheets of stained glass you can get from hobby stores. I cut the sheets into strips and pieces with a glass cutter, glued them on the backing, and grouted them. I had no cuts either in handling (just don't slide your fingers along the edges!) or after the project was finished. Of course, these glass pieces were glossy, so if you want the look of tumbled glass, which is matte, you need to tumble them. A tumbler will take hours to give them that kind of surface, but I have seen an inexpensive one in Hobby Lobby—and you can use a coupon!
  • Linda Linda on Nov 05, 2013
    I have a friend who put glass in a metal container for the winter and has to tie the container down but by the summer has wonderful glass.
  • Linda Linda on Nov 05, 2013
    I should also say she throws the container in Lake Superior. Sorry forgot the most important part.
  • Gail lichtsinn Gail lichtsinn on Nov 05, 2013
    ok i wont guarantee this but MANY years ago we used to put broken glass in an old inner tube with a couple of cups of sand and put it in the dryer on air only..I think it had to run for maybe 4 hours for a couple of days..What ever you do dont turn on the heat...
  • Jane Jones Jane Jones on Nov 06, 2013
    Thanks everyone for your help. Maybe I should just breakdown and buy a tumbler. Thanks, again.
  • Doug Smith Doug Smith on Aug 05, 2023

    take sand water and shake in mason jar

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 05, 2023

    A rock tumber would make this much easier. Use sea sand instead of grit. You probably will need to run the tumbler a few days longer but the effect will be more natural looking instead of using grit.

    I bought a rock tumbler from Harbor Freight for less then $50 and it lasted my dad for over 15 years.

  • Bianca Bianca on Aug 06, 2023

    You got be careful.