How can you move a light switch over a few inches ? ?

by Gerianne

I know outlets and switch are usually connected in studs, but is it possible to move one to other side of stud without hazardous electrical issues? I just want to move light switch over a few inches to make available wall space for decor hanging even.

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Aug 02, 2018

    To move a switch from one side of the stud to the other I would open up an opening in the sheetrock that's about 1foot by 1foot square. You will need to move the wiring, which means you will probably need to drill a hole through the stud to move the switch. if there isn't enough "extra" wire there will have to add a blank junction box (that is accessible but could be behind a painting etc) to add more wire so you can reach the new location of the switch. Once that's done you can then patch the hole made in the sheet rock.

  • William William on Aug 02, 2018

    This is for moving an outlet but same principal for switch.

    • Gerianne Gerianne on Aug 04, 2018

      Thanks again William, your very resourceful! I'll check out all those sites. Actually I want to do both. The switch only needs to be moved a few inches, I think I can handle that with all those "how to's" but the new outlet may be out of my wheel-house. I was thinking I could tie into an existing outlet to create a another new outlet about 12ft away. The more I think about it--the holes in the wall and all the snaking and all the other projects I have going, this should be lower on my list. I still want to know how it's done for when it's time. It's great to know where to get such helpful, hands-on advice. Thanks to everyone for your time and know-how!