How to remove wall paper?

We just bought a 31 year old manufactured home in a beautiful location. The problem being, I’m pretty sure it came with wallpaper and it since has been re-wallpapered on top of the old paper then painted over. How do I get down to the bare wall going through everything?
q how to remove wall paper
Wall with paper, paper then paint
q how to remove wall paper
Wall with paper backing then another wallpaper
q how to remove wall paper
Underneath everything there is sheet rock
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  • Cathy Schultz Cathy Schultz on Jun 04, 2018
    Go get a Paper Tiger from a home improvement store in their wallpaper section lightly score the wallpaper being careful not to go too deep to not scratch the sheet rock or that will cause you more work. You can use a steamer on the wall to lift the paper use a putty knife to peel the paper. You could also try spraying the wall with a mixture of fabric softener and water or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let it sit for a while to soften the adhesive. Use the putty knife to peel paper. Wash walls down with soap and water after paper is gone, make sure to prime wall before painting. Good luck!! I have used the steamer method it worked well for me. :)

    • Terri Terri on Jun 04, 2018
      Thank you for your help. I’m going to start with scoring the paper then soaking with warm water and softener and hope for the best.

  • Anne Wagstaff Anne Wagstaff on Jun 04, 2018
    If steaming or remover solutions don’t work then scrape and sand edges to get as flat a surface as possible. Then paint with Kilz paint and sand again to smooth bumpy spots. If you think it won’t look good enough painted then wallpaper again. There are some plain ones with just texture design that help hide an uneven surface. Good Luck !

  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Jun 04, 2018
    I use warm water, a hint of Dawn or Downy, and a square-nosed spatula/pancake turner. It's slow and arduous work, but leaves the drywall needing very little repair. It usually comes off it two layers, the bottom one being more susceptible to the warm water trick.

    The wall to the left in the pic is paneling (not drywall) that had a layer of textured ( ) paper on it. It took two days to get smooth, then I filled the 'lines' on the paneling and painted a BHG Web Gray.

    • Terri Terri on Jun 04, 2018
      Thank you for your help. I think I’m ready to start. 😳

  • Joan Joan on Jun 04, 2018
    Before you make any investment, try this. You need a spray bottle filled with hot water. Spray about 3 panels of the wallpaper very liberally, walk away for 30 minutes, come back and spray again two more times (spray and walk away for 30 minutes x 2). FROM THE BOTTOM UP, start tearing the paper up very slowly, jerking as you go. If the paper tears, just scrape it up with your fingernail and continue jerking the paper up. Continue on in the room the same way doing 3 panels at time. To remove the glue left on the walls, you’ll need a bucket of warm water and an old broom. Wet the broom in the hot water and start washing the wall with the broom which will break up the remaining glue. Then wipe the walls down with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. The broom will be shot when you’re done so you’ll have to pitch it. This worked for me and I removed 3 rooms of wallpaper that were 25-30 years old. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!