How do I take out a sliding glass door and make a solid wall?

How do I take out a sliding glass do and make a solid wall inside and out, we have stucco on outside?

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  • Not a typical homeowner DIY unless you have at least some construction experience. You need a contractor. Building codes must be met. Here is how to hire a contractor. Get at least 3 bids from licensed professionals.

  • Sniffy Sniffy on Jun 14, 2019

    WE are pretty hands on but this seemed a little out of our reach. taking out the slider, putting up the studs I got that but with stucco on the outside, that was the challenge. Trying to avoid a contractor because I live in South Florida and these guys are not always on the up and up. Will probably go online with Home Adviser and see if I can get 3 estimates. Thanks for your reply.