How do I makeover this odd alcove?


I have an odd shaped, fairly deep, but small alcove in my bedroom. I'd love some ideas on how to make the most of the space! I think it was originally used for a TV, but I'm not a fan of a TV in the bedroom. It's chest high, which makes reaching the back (32" deep) a challenge. The odd angle is due to a roof line, the odd height is because there is a stair case below on the other side of the wall. There is an outlet at the back, and it's about 40" wide at the bottom.Current ideas:-add some sort of lighting up top (probably adding closet lights at the same time)-put a shallow drawer across the bottom-make it less deep so shelves might be more accessible?Forgive my clutter 😊

q odd alcove makeover ideas

Context for location in the room

q odd alcove makeover ideas

Outlet and cable- but I don't particularly want a TV here

q odd alcove makeover ideas

Currently it's mostly just used like a beside table and place to stash decorative pillows

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