How to take down wallpaper? Can you paint over wallpaper?

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  • Theresa Theresa on Jul 31, 2018

    I would not paint over w/p! We bought house, had w/p painted over! It is a real pain to deal with. Remove it, you’ll be glad u did

  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Jul 31, 2018

    Hi! You’ll have to remove the paper before painting. Painted wallpaper will bubble up. The only difference would be Anaglypta paper which is totally paintable.

  • Carol Carol on Jul 31, 2018

    depends on the condition of your wall paper... if it is in very good condition - no peeling, staining or tears- then use a primer first. and then paint.

  • Pam Pam on Jul 31, 2018
    I agree with Carol. It can be painted but make sure you sand seems and any imperfections.

  • Gracie Gracie on Aug 01, 2018

    Technically you can paint over wallpaper but I wouldn't do it. The paper has to be solidly on the wall or it will peel off. Take the time to do it right and remove the old paper first.

  • Christina Christina on Aug 01, 2018
    Wet the wall paper, use a putty knife to scrape the wall paper off. Don’t paint over it, it’ll bubble

  • You can paint over it as long as it's tight to the wall. To remove it, rent a steamer.