How do you all get started I have all the stuff but can’t get it goi

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  • MagnoliaMemories MagnoliaMemories on Feb 20, 2018
    Hi Mary! I completely understand. I found I was fearful of what others would think of my creations. I made a goal for myself this year to start creating and selling on Etsy. I'm making all kinds of crafts and sari jewelry. I think they look smashing and I'm my worst critic. If we don't try we have lost so much but if we do it, we have gained everything. I know you can do if I can.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Feb 20, 2018
    Take your time, break what you want to do into steps - sometimes the whole project looks overwhelming, but you can do one step at a time. Do not look for perfection. That used to stop me as my project had to be perfect. Have fun with whatever you are doing. Best to you.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Feb 20, 2018
    what would you like to get started on? We are always glad to help assist with advise and images of our own!

  • Crystal Hughes Crystal Hughes on Feb 20, 2018
    What are you working on?

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    • Crystal Hughes Crystal Hughes on Feb 20, 2018
      Start in a small section. I think once you see a small section done you will get excited to see the whole thing done. Buy something special for your kitchen. Something that you will love to see there once the project is complete

  • Charline Charline on Feb 20, 2018
    Gather your tools and materials in one place and "map out" your steps from start to finish. Concentrate on one step at a time because I get overwhelmed when looking at all that needs to be Happy decorating!

    • Mary Mary on Feb 20, 2018
      That’s what happens me complete panic about what I’m doing 😂😂but I like the idea of mapping it out
      thanks so much

  • Janice Janice on Feb 20, 2018
    Don't be so hard on yourself. It is overwhelming to think about, especially if you've not done this type of project before. As the others have said, just break it into steps and do a bit at a time.
    Sometimes if you can just organize it a bit, perhaps, block your kitchen area off from the little ones. Take the bottom cabinet doors off and sand the framework lightly, clean with a damp cloth and paint. Then its started and you're on your way. The cabinet doors, you could sand and plan to paint after the little ones are asleep for the night. Let dry and do the second coat the next night.
    Once you see what you've accomplished, the upper cabinets won't seem so intimidating to you. Take your time and be patient...especially with yourself. And, most likely, there's someone near that would be willing to help you a bit. If you're like me you hate to ask for help, but once you do, you realize there is help, if you need it and it's no big deal to give a hand. I'm sure you've helped others a long the way and they'd feel honored to help you....they just aren't aware you need a bit of help...maybe just entertaining the little ones for a while so you can really dig in and work. Take care!