No question just admiration

I just want to say I love coming here to see the great ideas from DIY. When I was younger I was into a lot of fixer uppers but now that I am turning 80 in two weeks I can still enjoy the ideas being sent in. I do not think that fixer upper bug ever leaves you even if you are not capable of doing it anymore. My hubby and I always worked together on projects and now (84) that he is not well I know he misses all the things he used to build. But we can still enjoy reading about it.

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  • Banjojane66 Banjojane66 on Nov 12, 2017
    You are to be congratulated . I'm 69.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 12, 2017
    Good on you! Keep watching this space..........

  • Alan Ross Alan Ross on Nov 12, 2017
    Happy early birthday!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • FL FL on Nov 12, 2017
    Helen Keller said: "I may not be able to do everything, but still I can do something." I love that you are both inspired by ideas and projects just like I am! Please feel free to share any comments, tips and ideas from your experiences! They are valuable and appreciated!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 12, 2017
    Perhaps you two can so smaller things, like making Christmas decorations and ornaments. My mom made different holiday ornaments for Easter (decorated plastic or plaster eggs to hang on tree branches she made into trees in pots), or decoupage other holiday pictures to be put up on the different holidays. That may be something he could participate in with you to help keep his spirits up. My hubby at 72 is handicapped from side affects of surgery he had a couple of years ago. He still pushes himself and does more than he should, but he hates not doing anything. I have him helping me clean up picture frames that were in a damp basement and at least it is keeping him busy for a short period at a time. I let him do it as he can, so it will take him a while to get through them all.