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I have a 2 story foyer/staircase, with a big blank wall. I want to create some art work to fill in that area, using framed canvas. How do I decide on 3 canvases side by side, or 4, with 2 up 2 down? Hope this makes sense. Thanks. The wall is similar to this, but the stairs are straight.
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  • Mimi Russell Mimi Russell on Jan 18, 2015
    I would recommend 3 ... as the rule of thumb is decorating in odd numbers ... and hang them evenly between the top and bottom of the staircase ... having them at eye level on each stair ...

  • Edith L Edith L on Jan 18, 2015
    thanks, that makes sense.

  • Melissa Dawn Terrel Melissa Dawn Terrel on Jan 19, 2015
    I agree with Mimi! It is a rule to do groupings in 3's and 5's etc.,, I also think she's right about how to hang them. Maybe just think of the canvas's as another staircase that runs parallel to yours, only bigger steps that take up more space.

  • Karen patterson Karen patterson on Jan 19, 2015
    they are right.. also give it a try that way/ you will like it that way.

  • Edith L Edith L on Jan 19, 2015

  • CK CK on Jan 19, 2015
    You haven't mentioned if you have existing artwork you'd like to use. The easiest way is to make a paper template of the size of artwork you have, tape it to the wall in various configurations until you find the one you like best. Don't have any artwork yet? Then use this method first, copy down the sizes that work in your space, then go shopping for frame the right size. What you put into your frames can be whatever your heart/style desires. Maybe you even do your own photography that should be framed...or frame a child's artwork or your own. It's the size that matters in this case. Do some trial runs and then finish with the real thing :-)

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 19, 2015
    Go with an odd number. Hang them so they follow the "steps". Either that, or go with a picture galley and have lots. Don't think this would be your style though.