What type of hall tree/hat rack would you put in a log cabin mud room?

The entry has a blank wall that I want to put coat hooks on. I want it to be rustic but nice, not pine colored - I need a contrast. Any suggestions out there in home creativity land?
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Log cabin back door entry or mud room.
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 21, 2014
    There is a lot of wood! Can't go wrong with black wrought iron hooks as you have this on your hinges. Might be able to add shelves with wrought iron braces for shoes/hats, or a small baker's rack, a hanging pot with artificial ivy, a stool.

    • Marianne Marianne on Jul 22, 2014
      @Marion Nesbitt Good choice, I agree if the look you are aiming for is rustic.

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Jul 22, 2014
    Hubby built me a bench, with a shelf over for hats and I used antique hooks for coats etc. I will find photo, but would be perfect for you

  • Allie Allie on Jul 22, 2014
    I can see a deer antler floor stand..

  • Carol Carol on Jul 22, 2014
    How about a chalkboard with shelf and hooks included? Paint an old picture frame a bright color (love the walls but need contrasting color), frame a chalkboard (painted plywood), could include a piece of cork for notes or use magnet paint. Add some hooks, shelves, baskets around the chalkboard and you have filled up your space.

  • Le' Le' on Jul 22, 2014
    Love all the wood...but for me the room lacks color. How 'bout some colorful, playful metal signs over your doors with a small bench with fabric to pick up the colors in the signs. Love the idea of a chalkboard from Carol and add a colorful small trash bin.

  • Le' Le' on Jul 22, 2014
    Also, you might want to add a few (colorful) of your collections to the top of the cabinets.

  • Teresa Teresa on Jul 22, 2014
    Oh, boy. This brings back nightmares. We survived in our log home for about 6 months with solid wood all the way around like this room. I am not kidding. I reached a point where I felt like a termite in a straight jacket, in no time at all! You will drive yourself nuts if you don't put color in there!! Whatever you decide... make sure it has COLOR!!

    • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 28, 2014
      @Teresa Agree. A lot of wood can close in on you. I could see a nice Navajo rug with interesting pattern of reds, blues, etc. being great for the space. Would go well with the wrought iron stuff I suggested and the colours could be picked up for other accessories or such.

  • Sheila conger Sheila conger on Jul 22, 2014
    Gee.....if you can't say something nice.....

  • Sharon La Tour Sharon La Tour on Jul 22, 2014
    I agree with black iron , shelves and coat rack! That would look awseome

  • Katherine McWright Katherine McWright on Jul 22, 2014
    I see deer antlers,,you could also add a deer antler light fixture

  • Robin Burns Robin Burns on Jul 22, 2014
    I also agree with the black iron which would fit with your door hinges. I have a cedar cottage myself and have also been looking for something in the wrought iron. There were some great suggestions here but I know myself I am looking for something a little different/funky. I also like to have hooks at the top and about half way down the centre pole for those shorter coats and when we have lots to hang up for larger groups.

  • Melinda Columbus Melinda Columbus on Jul 22, 2014
    Stone or painted/color stain wood

  • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner on Jul 22, 2014
    Found this neat link for you some ideas. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=country+hat+rack Also try to find a good salvage company to maybe find some treasures.

  • Kim 'Kiewatt' Waknitz Kim 'Kiewatt' Waknitz on Jul 22, 2014
    Love the way this room looks, I like natural look. How about a real dried tree branch on the wall, it could be painted black. Or mount horseshoes to a broad to hang thing on. Guess I'm a termite because I would love to have this look in my home. Lol

  • Elizabeth Platt Elizabeth Platt on Jul 22, 2014
    Old horse shoes, leave them rustic or paint them black, you would have to get someone to tack them together for you, it would take two for one hanger, hope this makes scenes. Good Luck! I have also seen this used as a gun rack

  • Joanna Carrisal Joanna Carrisal on Jul 22, 2014
    Get you a piece of metal grate. 6" x 3' and 7 railroad tie spikes. Take it to a local welder and have him weld the spikes to the grate and frame in with 1" angle iron. Hang it and enjoy the natural rustic beauty of the metal.

  • Harlan Hays Harlan Hays on Jul 22, 2014
    Put a moose head on the wall.

  • Robin Machado Robin Machado on Jul 22, 2014
    A bench or chair with the back and legs cut down to sit down and take boots off even a nice round of wood to sit on works, a boot hanger, Someway to allow the boots to dry in the wet seasons, Storage for slippers and such also, Plus a bright color to paint the coat drying rack I would need in my neck of the world to counter act all the dull days we have. A lamp on the counter with a bear or cowboy theme to act as a night light for those light night returns from the barn or outbuildings. Even lights under the counter would jazz up the look of the location. Something like a sign saying something about lost socks over the dryer, rugs to catch the snow, rain, and MUD tracked in also to define the washing area. A basket on the counter with each member name from the family for gloves. Hat rack do they were baseball caps or cowboy hats? Pick a hat rack that works for your needs our local farm store has some nice ones. I love the idea of the iron fence with the spikes to hang coats and such. I like to hang my dresses up as they come out of the dryer so I like a small something to place those items.

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Jul 22, 2014
    All mud rooms have the same needs to function, but in this case all the add ins should out class the wall. Something to catch your eye before the wood. Then you will appreciate the tremendous wood second. I would not go with todays mingle of garish color. Just do two and another smaller accent. Basic black on large items and maybe aqua as added interest and bits of red and gray. Do you see it ?

  • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Jul 22, 2014
    Black like the hinges.

  • Doris Doris on Jul 22, 2014
    Mounted 1920's black porcelain door handles as coat hooks..

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jul 22, 2014
    wrought iron or welded horse shoe rack. If you love and want to keep it pure just let it rust a bit then clear coat it, otherwise jazz it up with funky bright colors.

  • Colleen Colleen on Jul 22, 2014
    Since you live in TX, I would suggest the Texas ranch style. Hang a Black Star on the wall with a simple board with black hooks for coats, along with a shelf above for those big Texas hats,and a simple sitting bench (add a boot scrapper and boot stand). For some color place a multi-colored stripe rug in the center. Use some old barb wire in a wreath (or what ever shape). Maybe find some antique spurs to hang beside the star. Good luck with your design, and post the results.

  • Carole Alden Carole Alden on Jul 22, 2014
    Are these for nice clean coats and hats, or been down to the barn kind?

  • Fran McCarty Fran McCarty on Jul 23, 2014
    Hand forged iron decor.

  • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Jul 23, 2014
    Here are a few selections from amazon and msn.com for reference.

  • Chris G Chris G on Jul 23, 2014
    Deer antlers, long horn or cattle horns, short sections of wood/limbs attached to 2x4 and mounted like wainscotting.

  • Peggy Peggy on Jul 23, 2014
    I would put horse shoes on the wall and put hooks in them

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Jul 23, 2014
    Once again I say" Make a statement with the furnishings." The walls need to play second fiddle. All the things offered so far are not going to ask to be seen first. The walls will still overpower the decorations offered. What size is the area in question? This makes all the difference. Gives us more of an idea of scope of the project.

    • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Jul 24, 2014
      @Myrna you could put an elephant in there and you'd still notice those beautiful walls first.

  • Peggy Peggy on Jul 24, 2014
    I'd also put in a bench to sit down and take your boots off.

  • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Jul 24, 2014
    If this was my room, I would not allow any mud at all in it. Just a comfortable chair and a bookshelf.

  • Lisa Cuddy Lisa Cuddy on Jul 24, 2014
    I love Colleen's idea of the Texas star and barbed wire wreath. But I think I would add more colour by painting the doors blue or red or even turquoise. A nice runner coordinating with the door colour would help tie it together. And you could paint your washer and dryer with Krylon paint. I love log cabins . Best of luck with your decorating and please post after pics.

  • M Shaw M Shaw on Jul 24, 2014
    I too have a log cabin home. The inside is all pine like picture above. What kind of window shades (color) should I use? I'm going for the southwestern look

  • Charmaine Charmaine on Jul 25, 2014
    Maybe add some to the antlers or branches

  • Charmaine Charmaine on Jul 25, 2014

  • Cindy Haskell Cindy Haskell on Jul 25, 2014
    Wow...that is a gorgeous room! I would definitely go with the ornate black...to offset some of the brightness of the room. Definitely a masterpiece though! Congratulations!

  • Le' Le' on Jul 25, 2014
    Charmaine......we all screamed when you said paint. Did you mean "paint the walls"? No, no, no....you can't go back once you paint this. Varnish is gorgeous!!! Never paint.

  • Le' Le' on Jul 25, 2014
    When we moved into our house (with open ceiling to LR) The prior owners had painted the walls/ceiling off white.....would have been lovely but the board were originally varnished and would have looked so beautiful! You cannot go back to varnish without $$$ to strip (and in grooves).

  • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Jul 26, 2014
    shelf with cubbies with wall shelf with hooks on either side

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Jul 27, 2014
    Brenda, that's helping, but still not enough. That's a lot of wood. Bigger and more.

  • Shannon Martin Shannon Martin on Jul 28, 2014
    an old rustic painted door with a bench and hooks added to it would look good, add color and not be overpowered by the walls. You could coordinate the black metal hardware on your existing doors. Your space is beautiful and there are so many possibilities. But I agree with most above that what ever you choose needs to have enough weight to hold its own against the wood. If you choose metal as someone suggested, it would need to be thick and masculine or very ornate to stand out. Good luck!

  • Debbie Stanley Debbie Stanley on Jul 28, 2014
    Cast iron

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Aug 01, 2014
    I've tried to estimate the area where something could be added by using the standard doors as a measurement. The only advice I have is use sharp color and as large of pieces as you can fit in.

  • Marty Coffield Marty Coffield on Aug 19, 2014
    Iron or aged brass look, more wood would be overkill, a rusted look( look not real, that would ruin said clothing). Beautiful room. No antlers always ask yourself if this material would invite wee guests

  • Susan York Morris Susan York Morris on Sep 23, 2014
    What about a horn coat rack--either purchased or DIY, if you're so inclined.

  • Cynthia Cynthia on Jan 08, 2015
    Hands down~ cast iron, matchy or not with your hinges! Grapevine wreath with red berries and/or flowers~ some greenery! Needs a punch of color : )

  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Feb 01, 2015
    How about some reclaimed painted wood with different distressed door knobs? I bought some glass cabinet knobsa and I thought would be so cute as a clothes hook. There are cast iron knobs that are so rustic and cute.

  • Rick Rick on Mar 06, 2018
    use rustic dark iron cabinet knobs