Asked on Mar 30, 2016

Split entry homes...what is the size of your entry?

by Ijensen
For some reason, after 36 years, we are really struggling with the size of our landing/entry. Are we older (yes)....fatter (yes)...but why do we notice the small size so much more now. For those of you with split entries, what size is your landing? We are seriously considering bumping ours out an additional 3 feet, but worry how the outside would look. Can you please share pictures of the interior/exterior of yours? I know once you enter through the door it is a different area, but how do we make the outside transition look just as good?
These are a few pictures I had on this computer to give you an idea what we have to work with. The entry actually recesses back about a foot into the main house so adding 2 additional feet to the front (for a total of 3 feet) won't encroach too much on my porch area. We can't run the new area above the roof because all the rain gutter follows the roof. The addition above the garage has the roof facing the opposite direction of the main house, so we are thinking we could do something similar to tie it all in. I wondered about extending the roof all the way to the porch railing to give us a little covered porch over the new entry addition. Please help....:) I am so concerned of making a mistake and hating it. I want the outside to look as good as I know I can make the inside. I do plan to add a transom above the door and side panels to bring in more light.
Trust me....I have looked and google at everything I can online...and driven through neighborhoods looking for examples.
This shows how the door recesses back in about a foot.
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  • William William on Mar 30, 2016
    I would call a contractor that is experienced in home additions and see what ideas he may have based on your budget and ideas. My ideas - Build a small roof over the entry similar to the roof over the garage. I would put full glass panels on the sides of the door to let more light in. A pergola under the picture window from the side garage entry door to the main door entry. Extending the roof to the railing would tend to block light from entering the windows.
  • Ijensen Ijensen on Mar 30, 2016
    Thanks William for the ideas.....:) So hard to decide.
  • Jemma Dee Jemma Dee on Mar 30, 2016
    Google "split entry home exterior remodel" and click on images There are several examples there.
    • Ijensen Ijensen on Apr 10, 2016
      @Jemma Dee Thanks....I have done that and printed off the pictures. I'll try again in hopes there are some new ones....:)
  • Kim Koster Hruba Kim Koster Hruba on Mar 31, 2016
    Can you share a photo of your entryway? I just tackled this issue over the summer with a family of 7! We decided not to do remodeling but came up with some space saving solutions that made the space more manageable. I haven't posted pics yet of my entryway, but here's my pinterest board of space saving ideas. The exterior of your home is really beautiful so I'm guessing you are pretty talented with decorating on the inside. Keep brainstorming and collecting ideas and I bet you will come up with a solution that hasn't been thought of yet! :)
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    • Ijensen Ijensen on Apr 10, 2016
      The area is apx 4 X small. Because the stair post sticks out a little, the door opens really close to it. It is a pain to move furniture or large items. The rug on the floor is a 3 X 5. I plan to tile the floor...but I have caret on the stairs going down to the family room...and putting wood treads on the stair going up to match the kitchen dining area.
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  • Lori Lori on Mar 31, 2016
    I think your ideas are good and don't think you will hate it. I think that area, the indent, is crying for something anyway. It's worth an hr or so with a designer or builder to get ideas on something this important. Your home is totally lovely including the lanscaping.....think of it as a nose job for your house.
  • Kathy Meador Wells Kathy Meador Wells on Mar 31, 2016
    First get a contractor! You have a great house. If it were me I would widen the whole entry way, and that would include bumping out the inset. Might take up room space on the inside. I wish I had a house that big and there are only two in my house. I could have a bigger sewing room.
    • Ijensen Ijensen on Apr 10, 2016
      @Kathy Meador Wells Contractors are so hard to find here locally....:( The entry is the area contained within the lines of the it would all come out. I have a nice sewing room (1st window left of the door....:) ) It is a craft/sewing room....but right now it is a crap room....:( We have been doing some major updates inside and it had a ton of my kitchen cabinet contents in there. Kitchens hold a lot!!!! Thanks!!
  • Bobbie Bobbie on Mar 31, 2016
    I totally agree with Jemma Dee. I get so many ideas doing that for any subject I am looking for help.
  • Jane Harriss Naus Jane Harriss Naus on Apr 01, 2016
    I agree with Jemma Dee, too. Once you google - just click through the pictures. You can then sort-of figure out what style you are interested in & take it from there. Contractors & architects can help from there - if you give them some guidance on style & layout they can make great suggestions!
    • Ijensen Ijensen on Apr 10, 2016
      @Jane Harriss Naus I think you hit the nail on the head....the ones I am interested in....:) I just hope to make it look like it was meant to be. We added on the garage and master suite above and I was so pleased with the transition. Thanks!!!
  • Heather McKinney Heather McKinney on Apr 07, 2016
    Here's my idea...bumping it out like you said but making a porch on the outside, too. Then adding some sort of decorative window in that space above your front door. Similar to this one:
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    • Ijensen Ijensen on Apr 14, 2016
      @Heather is TooInspiredToSleep Unfortunately the location of these can't...:( No where to relocate them.