A crack on the shower floor base

by Gloria
How can a crack be fixed on the shower floor base?
a crack on the shower floor base
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  • This appears to be cement board? Or has a prior attempt to repair been made. I see a screen pattern that is consistent with cement board or a prior repair. If this is just the sub-base before the tile, Yes this can be fixed. Fiberglass cloth and its chemicals can be used to patch this hole. If this is not cement board, can you provide some additional details on this? And perhaps a few other photos not so close up to see what the rest of the floor looks like?
  • Z Z on Aug 04, 2014
    I agree with Bob, it looks as though there has already been an attempt at repair. More info on the shower stall/floor/base would be helpful before any attempt at "how to fix this" can be made.
  • Gloria Gloria on Aug 04, 2014
    No, it has never be repair. The screen pattern is build into the floor of the shower.NO, it not a cement board. It has not be tough for repair. I took this picture of my son shower .It look like fiberglass material on the shower floor . Can you help.I live 300 miles from him.
  • Gloria Gloria on Aug 04, 2014
    No, had never be tough for repair. It those they build with the house. It looks like fiberglass .
  • He can purchase fiberglass repair kits at HD and or Lowe's He first needs to purchase a resin and patch kit. It has a cloth that is white and will turn clear once its used. he would sand the surface and wipe clean using alcohol cleaner. Then using rubber gloves mix the resin in a cup. Using a throw away china brush about a inch wide brush the resin in and around the damaged area. Place the cloth that he has cut to fit over the resin and pour the remaining liquid resin on top. Brush out smooth. Let dry. May need to do a few coats of this until its built up and slightly higher then the surrounding area. Once this has hardened about two hrs. or so. Use this project which is a gel coat to complete the finish. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Aquatic-Gel-Coat-Repair-Kit-35RKWH/100177610
    • Z Z on Aug 04, 2014
      @Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com What about filling in with a concrete underneath Bob, so this will be less likely to happen again. That's how I did a fiber glass tub before as the builder did not. We did all our tubs and showers in this home. Also, a question on how this happened @Gloria. Did he by chance put a chair or ladder in the tub to paint the wall above it? I ask, because that's how I damaged a tub of ours. I had no clue they were not solid underneath. That was back in my youth when I had allot of learning to do.
  • Linda Neice Linda Neice on Aug 04, 2014
    We had the same problem, drill small holes in the base and insert insulation foam in the spray can to fill under the base, after it is hard and level, go over the top with fiberglass, then paint the patch job.
    • Gloria Gloria on Aug 04, 2014
      Linda, how do one go over the top with fiberglass,Is it a solutions of fiberglass? @
  • Linda Neice Linda Neice on Aug 04, 2014
    Fiberglass comes in a kit, fiberglass cloth, that you cover with resin that gets hard, you can sand after if you want to, I just painted it white and covered it with a shower mat.
  • Exactly correct. Fiberglass resin comes in two parts. A thicker smelly sort of like syrup thickness and a small tube of hardener. Use a plastic cup, not something you want to keep to mix it. A few paint sticks cut down the middle to mix. Wear throw away gloves. You will put about a 1/4 cup full of the resin and after putting a small hole in the hardening tube count the correct amount of drops of hardener. To much and it will harden to fast, not enough and you can be waiting for several days before it hardens. When its lacking enough hardener it also has the tendency to become sticky and never quite dries hard. Cut the fiberglass mat with scissors prior to mixing. A few clear plastic bags are helpful to push the mat around once it is saturated with the mixed resin is also helpful. You will prep the surface. And you can as it has been suggested fill under the crack with spray foam, or if you can get some cement under it to help support that damaged part it will be good. Use a low cost china brush Those are the 99 cent ones with yellow bristles that you find at the box stores. Once everything is mixed following the directions you will throw away everything that was used in that batch. As in a very short time it will all harden. Be sure to sand the surface to rough up the existing material. Working with fiberglass can be rewarding as you will find all sorts of neat things that you can do with it. Just remember its sticky and will not wash off once you get it on yourself. Any plastic or rubber tools will release the hardened material,