How can you repair a burn mark on linoleum floor?

Mary Cory
by Mary Cory
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  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 17, 2018

    Rub a piece of extra-fine steel wool over small burn marks, such as those caused by a cigarette.

    Vacuum dust and linoleum bits from the area and wipe with a dry cloth.

    Apply clear water-based polyurethane finish or clear nail polish over the area with a small brush.

    If the burn mark is large you will probably need to use a piece that matches what you have (like from under the fridge).

    Lay a linoleum patch over the burn area. Use a patch that is larger than the burn area by at least a couple of inches on all sides.

    Line up the patch so the pattern matches exactly with the surrounding flooring. Tape the patch down with a strong tape once the patterns match.

    Position a straightedge, such as a ruler, over the patch. Cut a square or circle through both pieces of linoleum. Make the area large enough to cover the burn spot plus about an inch or more on all sides. Use caution to cut through the linoleum vertically. If you slant the utility knife this may cause a gap in the patch.

  • Betty Betty on Nov 17, 2018

    Hi Mary. If it is in you kitchen move refrigerator And cut a square piece. . Cut the burn spot out and glue the new in make sure they are same size. .Good Luck .

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Nov 17, 2018

    Two ways, even though this app numbered them both as “1.”.

    1. Gently scrape or sand the burn part clean, wash with acetone & Q-tips. Dry with lint free cotton rag. If the surface is considerably lower, then

    you can either go on to Option 2 or carefully fill it to be smooth with window/door caulk, paintable. Dry. Then prime with oil-based primer & paint 2 coats oil based paint and feather the edges. If the paint doesn’t match, then get the paint modified and paint additional coats.

    1. Find a place to pull up some of the linoleum and make a patch. Under a stove or under a refrigerator are good places to look. Read how to double cut wall paper if this doesn’t make sense: use double stick foam tape on top of the damaged area, stick the patch on top of the tape & press down very well. Take a very sharp utility knife and cut straight down through both layers, at the same time. Use a lot of downforce on this cutting. Over-cut the corners by 1/8”. Do not pull up the patch until you’re sure you’ve cut way down through both layers. Pry up the old layer & patch with a putty knife, carefully. Clean the old glue off the subfloor, clean the foam tape off the patch & lay the patch in there to see how it looks. If it fits well and no lumps of glue and no dirt (they all telescope) then adhere with Floor Mastic and be prepared to clean up the oozing from the edges immediately. When the clean up is all done, put a paper towel over the patch and put a brick or lots of heavy books on it for 24 hours. The seams may need filling with color matched paint, but it can be latex paint.
    2. The pics are of my patch, like the second method. The seam is at the faux seam between the toilet & the vanity.