How to fix dark scratches on light wood flooring.

by Pat
Light bamboo flooring with dark scratches from our dogs. How can I Make them less prominent?
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jun 14, 2017
    You can try covering it up with a stain-filled marker. For deeper scratches you can sand down the area and use a wood filler to fix.
    Good luck!

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 15, 2017
    I wonder why the scratches are dark? If it's because dust and dirt filled in the scratches, that actually might make your job easier. Use a cleaner recommended for soft wood, and scrub gently with a plastic sponge, scrubber or toothbrush. Dry the area with a towel and a fan to limit the moisture on the bamboo. Sand the edges gently and clean out any sawdust.
    Now fill in the scratches with a product like Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler - Stainable. Let it dry/cure for at least two hours. Sand VERY gently any wood filler or floor that is still even a little uneven and dust that away.
    Next, go off to a corner of the room to decide which stain will match the wood putty. To have many options, buy a kit from iit (Illinois Industrial Tool) named Furniture Marker and Crayons. Six stain markers and six stain crayons help you pick the color closest to your floor color. The Oak is the lightest. You can also use your water based or permanent markers to match your floors. Once chosen, color the previous scratches.
    Nearly through--now seal that floor with a sealer guaranteed to resist (if not repell) further scratches, several coats. Have the dogs' toenails trimmed very regularly, or keep them outside--your choice. Floors are supposed to be made to be walked on by all the members of the family. Best wishes 😇

  • Pat Pat on Jun 16, 2017