Laminate flooring on stairs?

Barb Belcher
by Barb Belcher
We are replacing carpet and older laminate on our main floor and would like to carry it down the 2 sets of stairs (bi-level). We're looking at using the Coretec product. We're getting conflicting advice from various installers. Some say - yes, they've done this and it works nice, others refuse to do it and will only do solid wood stairs. We really want to do the laminate on the stairs, but would like your opinions as well! HELP!
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  • Shari Shari on Mar 15, 2015
    I have laminate and it's super slick, especially if wearing shoes without a rubber sole. After my laminate was first installed, I slipped and nearly fell several times so now I only go barefooted or wear shoes with rubber soles in the house. I would never, ever put my laminate on stairs (if I had stairs) because it would be a disaster waiting to happen. Laminate is also difficult (slippery) for pets to walk on, especially big dogs so you may want to take that into consideration if you have pets that will be going up and down the stairs. We had German Shepherds and toward the end of their lives, when they became less agile, I had to put throw rugs down in all the pathways just so they could get enough traction to move from room to room. Frankly, other than the fact it's pretty, I really hate every other thing about my laminate. It was a big, expensive mistake and I cannot wait until our budget allows us to replace it. With that being said, I thought Coretec was a luxury vinyl product. ???
  • BBB BBB on Mar 16, 2015
    In some counties it's against building codes, so check that out first. Laminate can be slippery, after all its just plastic but if you are determined to do this have you considered that sand paper stick on product for slippery stairs? Maybe something like that on the laminate or some type of runner?
  • Debbie Gartner Debbie Gartner on Jan 18, 2017

    First, Coretec Plus is a luxury vinyl, not a laminate.

    I suppose you COULD install Coretec on some steps, but I certainly would NOT recommend it. Coretec, like laminate, is a floating floor, so it's generally not the safest on steps. Wood is clearly a much better option - nicer, safer, lasts longer and gives you more flexibility in the future if you want to add a runner and/or need to replace the floor/want to change the color, etc.

    Generally if you used a floating floor on steps, you would glue it. It's still not completely safe and would NOT work if your steps are uneven/unlevel. On top of that coretec plus has a cork backing, so it will not adhere very well to the treads and certainly not on the risers. And, if your steps have any curves (e.g. on the bottom step), it won't work.

    All that aside, I love the Coretec Product, and I wrote a product review here:

    It has info on what the product is, advantages, disadvantages and color lines. I hope it's helpful.

    • Barb Belcher Barb Belcher on Jan 18, 2017

      Thank you for your perspective, but we DID put it in the stairs and it works great - no issues!

  • Patti Patti on Jan 24, 2017

    I just redid my basement and stairs with vinyl plank flooring and it looks great and wears well. I bought it a Home Depot - Allure brand in Country Pine. The stairs butt up to red oak wood floors and it is a great match - not perfect but they flow together very well. I special ordered the stair nosing that matches the flooring and it looks great and stops any slipping problems. It really looks like wood flooring until you touch it. I'm very pleased with the results as well.

  • Patti Patti on Jan 24, 2017

    Great minds think alike Barb. Even the installers were hesitant about the stair installation but I did it anyway ! They learned something new!