Paver patio sink hole

Karen lukacovic
by Karen lukacovic
I had a paver patio put in ten years ago. A sink hole has developed in the middle. I can't seem to lift up any paver around it to fill in the crushed stone and replace them. Help.
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  • You need to remove quite a few more than just those in that immediate area - I would start from an edge (or all of it depending on size / layout). If you trying to repack in more gravel you will have to remove the sand first & then pack in the proper amount of gravel - just remember that the sand packs down with the paver install so you have to go higher than you see. Now if the dip is very minor you may try adding in a bit more sand only & tamp it down
    • Karen lukacovic Karen lukacovic on Aug 04, 2015
      Thanks but it is right in the middle of the patio. I know I need to uplift more then meets the eye but the ends are far away go into a retaining wall, the house. I can't seem to wedge out one brick to start this process. Any tips to lifting one to start ?
  • Eileen Eileen on Aug 04, 2015
    if it was done professionally then polymeric sand was most likely used. This sets almost like concrete when completed. I would try a mason's chisel (concrete chisel) and very carefully try to take out the joint sand around a block or two. this may give you the start you need to wedge a pry-bar underneath. Good luck, hope all goes well!
  • Cheep putty knife - scrape around edges to help clear out sand around a few - then use putty knife to wiggle them. Hopefully this will give you enough purchase on one to continue to wiggle it straight up (a second putty knife may come in useful) you may also try using a small pry bar. Just remember you need to lift it straight up. You may also try using hot glue to a piece of wood you can use as a handle. Got an extra paver - superglue it on or bust it up with a hammer & rock chisel (worst case)
  • PIRATE1958 PIRATE1958 on Aug 04, 2015
    what size are the blocks? After you get it loose, to help lift use a crowbar or a long pry bar and a block of wood. Work the bar under the edge as far as you can. Lift the bar up and place the block under it. Use as a lever (like a seesaw)