Asked on Apr 22, 2017

What can I do with the ceiling after the skylight is removed?

by Devie_designs
This is the 2nd skylight we've had in our kitchen ceiling, & now this one has to be replaced. Since we're going to the expense of roof repair, new shingles, replacing interior boards; I want to take it out. But the ceiling paneling is no longer available, so how can we disguise it, add light, & still make it look modern? I thought of a recessed box with pendant lighting. Any other clever ideas?
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  • Wilfrido Limvalencia Wilfrido Limvalencia on Apr 22, 2017

    Put in a panel of stained glass with nice design and light it up.

  • Vanessa Simmons Vanessa Simmons on Apr 23, 2017

    Why would you remove it? the cabinets are dark and the photo shows a dark room already. If it is leaking put in a new one. You can get them that open and close automatically if hit by water.

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Apr 23, 2017

    Install some iron pipe or a wrought iron panel, and use S hooks to hang pots and pans , baskets of herbs, bundles of dried flowers etc...

  • Gail Gail on Apr 23, 2017

    All of those ideas sound great! I always wanted a sky light in my kitchen. However, if you have had a bad experience you could make a faux sky light with day bright white fluorescent bulbs. Then, you would not need to change the ceiling because it would still look like a sky light. The roofers can replace the boards for shingles and you are set. The only problem I see is changing the bulbs up so high.

  • Pomlady Pomlady on Apr 23, 2017

    I would go with the stained glass idea myself if you don't want another skylight. That would make where the skylight was, look like you did it on purpose and not something you where trying to do something with once a skylight was taken out, IMO.

    We have two skylights in our kitchen, one on either side, love them and I would love to put two in our living room but we are not redoing the roof anytime soon, so not going to happen.

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Apr 23, 2017

    Another option after taking off the dated paneling is just a smooth, lightly textured , light-colored ceiling. It would add the feeling of light and height especially if you're completely removing the skylight and would remove the busyness of a texture or pattern that can make a ceiling seem heavy and dark..

  • Ell7769207 Ell7769207 on Apr 25, 2017

    If you want to close it off. You can use wood paneling and white wash the ceiling panels or replace the window.

  • Julia Baurain Julia Baurain on May 27, 2017

    We have two skylights and the roof is about to be replaced, so they are proposing to cover/remove one of them because it leaks. I'm wondering about how odd it will look inside to have one functional skylight next to the frame of where the other skylight used to be. Even stained glass might not look right, or would it be okay?

  • Linda Linda on May 27, 2017

    If going with the faux skylight idea, be sure to use led lights instead of fluorescent. They'll last much longer.

  • Devie_designs Devie_designs on May 27, 2017

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful ideas. But after talking to a roofer, & 1 who replaces skylights, we are just going to have them replace it. We need the light, & since the house is up for sale now, lots of people like skylights.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 14, 2023

    Good for you to have them replaced! It is a difficult situation to remedy, we have them in our pool room (heated indoor, inground pool). We had them replaced and there is no guarantee they will not leak. It is a challenging roofing procedure, but they do provide heat and light.