How can I stop my dog from spraying my outside plants?

Does anyone have a recipe for a non-toxic spray for my flowers and shrubs to defer my dog from urinating on them, homemade or store bought!
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  • Luis Luis on May 06, 2014
    Seh 1, Chili Pepper – This is one of the most common and most effective dog repellents. It is what you will commonly find in the commercial organic dog repellents. The capsicum in the pepper will irritate the skin of the dog, particularly the sensitive area in and around the nose. The irritation will deter the dog from returning to the area. Common chili pepper powder sprinkled around the area will help repel all dogs: taken from E-How

  • Seh337320 Seh337320 on May 06, 2014
    Thanks, do you know any spray on methods?

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    • Luis Luis on May 07, 2014
      @Seh1 You can make a hot pepper spray by pouring 1 pint of boiling water over 1/2 cup of sliced hot peppers. Once the liquid has cooled, strain it into a spray bottle. This is also taken from e-how

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 07, 2014
    Be careful and don't let the wind blow this in your eyes...or wipe your face before washing your hands!

    • Seh337320 Seh337320 on May 07, 2014
      Thanks for the warning, I know how that goes, every time I've cut up a jalepeno I forget to wash my hands afterwards, wow, burn my eyes! Have a blessed day Jeanette. ♥

  • Seh337320 Seh337320 on May 07, 2014
    Thanks Luis, I'll give it a shot, have a blessed day!

  • Dorothy Wright Dorothy Wright on May 07, 2014
    What can I use on my lawn after my dogs peed there over the winter large white areas, dead grass?