How do I care for my gardenias?

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  • Budworthy Budworthy on Aug 30, 2018


    A gardener needs to care for an indoor gardenia plant by potting it using a mix that has a slightly acidic pH. After the plant is potted, it needs to be placed in a location with a consistent temperature and proper humidity. The Temperature needs to range from 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night to 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The gardener needs to avoid placing the plant in an area where it is exposed to cold or hot air drafts. The gardenia plant needs plenty of bright, indirect sunlight in which to grow during the summer with direct light during the winter. You can also set it on a tray with small to hold it up above some standing water as it needs moist surroundings to do good.

    • Bs.dennis Bs.dennis on Aug 30, 2018

      I bought a perennial and planted it outside. Will it survive or do I have to bring it indoors.

  • Budworthy Budworthy on Aug 30, 2018

    Well, it is hard to say as I don’t know where you live so if it gets below 65 or above 75 Gardenias have a hard time surviving anywhere as very temperamental plants.