Can someone tell me what type of plant, is this plant or weed?

This plant grows wild and it has large white flowers that come out, it also has prickly bulbs that come out. Does anyone know what this is? Should I cut it down or leave it?
q can someone tell me what type of plant is this plant or weed, gardening, Don t know what it is
Don't know what it is
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 28, 2015
    Do you have a picture of the flower?

  • Dowdy Dowdy on Aug 28, 2015
    Its a Moon Flower, every night they bloom and die in the morning... but each flower will grow a spikey seed pod that you can harvest in fall and plant in spring. I have a lot of them planted around my house and they smell lovely if you get close.

  • Ce Gadd Ce Gadd on Aug 28, 2015
    Is it a weed or flower it does bloom hearty root pushing my other plants

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    • TJ Christie TJ Christie on Aug 29, 2015
      ...excerpt from above: "Self-seeding can pose a problem because the moonflower planting may become too dense or spread to other garden beds. In order to minimize that problem, remove all the moonflower seedpods in fall before they have a chance to dry and drop seeds. Because moonflowers produce new blooms daily throughout summer, removing their seedpods in only fall isn't sufficient to stop all self-seeding. Deadhead the plants every two or three days throughout their flowering period by pinching off the spent blooms before they have a chance to form viable seedpods."

  • Kele Kele on Aug 28, 2015
    Datura! (Or Jimson Weed). The Georgia O'Keeffe flower.

  • Marcia Marcia on Aug 28, 2015
    Datura . Or to quote Gene Autry, "Where the long-horned cattle feed on the lowly Jimpson weed, back in the saddle again"

  • Ce Gadd Ce Gadd on Aug 28, 2015
    Here's picture

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 28, 2015
    When you google the image of moon flower it does look like that but I'm not positive.

  • Elaine753 Elaine753 on Aug 28, 2015
    Also known as Angel Trumpet. All species of Datura are poisonous, especially their seeds and flowers. Suggest getting rid of it ASAP.

  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Aug 29, 2015
    There are many datura types; were very popular in Ventura California where the flowers would hang down over subdivision walls. They are sold here in zone 5 as sun room plants. As are Easter lilies and castor bean, both of which are poisonous.

  • Linda B Linda B on Aug 29, 2015
    Yep, that's datura (angel trumpet is one of the common names). It's very poisonous. Here's some good information about it:

  • Donna Christensen-Henry Donna Christensen-Henry on Aug 29, 2015
    We have this along the roads in AZ. We call it "loco-weed". We avoid it and keep our animals away. Wild Datura can be toxic.

  • Dottie Unruh Dottie Unruh on Aug 29, 2015
    Moonflowers. I have a few in my back yard in Colorado for my own enjoyment; they are beautiful. They can take over a garden, though, and I understand the seeds are hallucigenic.

  • JoAnna Cooper JoAnna Cooper on Aug 30, 2015
    Moonflower I've seen this in White and Purple, if you don't want it in your yard.Pull up by the roots and if any seed pods drop off pick them up.

  • Elaine753 Elaine753 on Aug 31, 2015
    Moonflowers are vines that open only in the evening to attract moths. They reseed and become invasive. The plant you have is a Datura aka Angel Trumpet. Get rid of it asap...the entire thing is poisonous.