Can you use shop lights as seedling grow lights?

Pamela Scruggs
by Pamela Scruggs

I am about to start planting my seeds indoors. I was wondering if I might could use my shop light like this one as a way to give them light? My old grow lights for indoor plants got lost in the move and I am just wondering?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 28, 2016
    Yes they can. You should hang them on chains so that the height can be adjusted as needed.The lights should be an inch or two above the plants and should be left on 16-18hrs.These lights will not burn your plants.
    Not sure, the wattage may be too much for them,
  • Linda Linda on Jan 28, 2016
    Years ago I used florescent shop lights as grow lights. They worked very well. I had them on a timer so they weren't on all the time.
  • Sandy Butzke Sandy Butzke on Jan 28, 2016
    I use shop lights with adjustable chains, I use a grow light tube light bulb. , make sure to keep the root system warm also. Good luck.
  • Ann Campy Ann Campy on Jan 28, 2016
    We use florescent shop lights in our greenhouse hung on chains as suggested above. We used to use grow lights but the shop lights seem to work just as well and are much cheaper.
  • Joni McEachern Joni McEachern on Jan 29, 2016
    Yes, Have done this for years. As other said the chains are perfect.
  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 29, 2016
    shop lights work perfectly well, use chains to hang them with so as the plants grow you can "take the lights up another link". i prefer daylight spectrum bulbs, set on a timer. plants also need their down time. where you put your growing space also makes a plants do well if i can keep a min. of 60 degrees. at 50 degrees, not much will grow well. to help with the need for heat i have a few halogen flood lights in place. if you start your own seedlings... you may want to use a seedling heat mat. just a cautionary reminder...water and electricity don't mix well. do take the time to make drip loops with your light's cords. if you can, hang your power strip above the plantings so water can't get into it.
  • Susan Rutter Susan Rutter on Jan 29, 2016
    The light should be soft and not higher than 25W. If none available hook a fluorescent light about 4 feet above your indoor potting garden. When starting from seedling I put saran wrap all around the garden very tightly -- in batches and specific plant.
  • 1240839 1240839 on Jan 30, 2016
    T-5 fluorescent tubes for growing plants.
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jan 30, 2016
    I have been looking into led grow lights. They cost more in the beginning, but last longer. Problem is my cats like to lay on top of them, it is high and warm. Right now, I am not thinking ab out starting seeds, I have some vegies growing in the house in front of 5' high windows on the south. I had to make shelves in between pots so the cats had somewhere to sit and watch the birds and take a nap. I sit and watch cats and birds. I live in a clearing in the woods so have lots of wildlife including a cougar.
  • Rebecca Corley Bailey Rebecca Corley Bailey on Jan 31, 2016
    When your seeds first start out they don't need light. instead they need warmth! Lots of people put them on top of the fridge just until they start growing.
  • Jacob Ravel Jacob Ravel on Apr 06, 2022

    Of course, you can start to try, but soon you will understand that special lamps are objectively better.