Florida low maintenance-hope to be getting some wonderful suggestions

Hi, I'm trying to find the perfect, low maintenance flowering bushes. I am trying to plan a front doorway welcoming garden area in zone 9A. The area is in full sun for most of the day. I always loved the "Firecracker" Bush, tried a few of those last season.... with no success. Hope to be getting some wonderful suggestions.

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  • Rosanne Rosanne on Apr 29, 2018
    I also live in Florida., zone 9A. I have found Lorapetalum to be a very easy plant to do whatever you want with. By that I mean you can,clip it short or let it do it's own thing. It flowers AT LEAST,once a year, and in between the leaves turn all kinds of great colors. Garden is are also nice, and they,stay in bloom for a pretty long time. Pittasporum, also wonderful. The variegated type always looks God, the green on has little white flowers for a short time. The nice things about all of these is they don't go bare in the winter

  • Gk Gk on Apr 29, 2018
    Have you tried a Dwarf Korean Lilac? They grow quite rapidly and produce tons of great smelling blooms in late spring. The butterflies flock to the blooms. Sometimes they will flower twice in a season but the second bloom is not as profuse.