I am moving to an assisted living facility in Belleville, IL.

I have always been an avid gardener, mostly in containers. Here I will have a raised area to work in, not sure of size yet. I would like suggestions of plants I can use, especially biannualys & annualys. Soil suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 04, 2018
    Flowers or veggies?

  • I use good quality bagged potting soil. Depending on the depth of the beds, you should be able to grow the same things you grew in containers. Everything from alyssum to zinnias; beets to zucchini. Have fun!

    • Gem29866421 Gem29866421 on Mar 12, 2018
      Thanks, in Florida i grew everything fron tomatoes to roses, all in containers!!

  • Cindy Cindy on Mar 04, 2018
    Tomatoes would be my first choice. I love sharing from my garden. You could do the same thing to meet your new neighbors. For annuals, I like petunias, snap dragons, begonias, geraniums, and marigolds. Good luck in your new home.

    • Gem29866421 Gem29866421 on Mar 12, 2018
      Thanks for your suggestions, & sharing toms & other veggies is a great way to meet other residents.

  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 04, 2018
    im partial to petunia the wave ones, marigolds and holly hocks. Your previous question was cut off, so I used the space to describe assisted living so others would get a sense of what they might expect at a assisted living area...Not to many know it’s an option.

  • William William on Mar 04, 2018
    Working for a nursing/assisted living home. My experience was that the Activities Department helped in preparing the soil and purchased the plants for the residents to plant. You can check with the facility you are moving to if they do the same. This is considered to be part of therapeutic exercises they provide.