How to get and care for a hoya plant in Mauritius

Why it is so difficult to have a hoya plant? In my country we don't have hoya plants. I want to buy because I love the wax flower but I don't know where I can buy it and what I have to do.
Please, I will be very very grateful if someone can help me have a hoya plant.
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  • Sadhna Roy Sheikmahomod Sadhna Roy Sheikmahomod on Apr 16, 2016
    Did you have my posting

  • Irene Harper Irene Harper on Apr 17, 2016
    I have grown Hoya's for years and love them. I only grow plants that thrive on neglect and Hoya's seem to love neglect. I have grown them in water with growing crystals but they grow well in very humus mix with large particles. When growing in soil, be sure to let it dry out thoroughly between watering. I find the key to great Hoya is sunlight. I have always grown them in a sunlite window. I currently have two growing. Both in soil. One I'm training onto an Obelisk and the other onto a metal Baker's rake. I am in zone 7 so I have to grown mine inside but they reward me with lots of blooms. I very occasionnaly use a water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Grow.

  • Irene Harper Irene Harper on Apr 17, 2016
    See post above

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Apr 17, 2016
    how much sun do you get? they prefer an eastern exposure as they usually grow in trees. too much sun burns their leaves. i often let them go until the leaves start to wrinkle, then give them a good soaking and let the excess water drain out.

  • Sadhna Roy Sheikmahomod Sadhna Roy Sheikmahomod on Apr 17, 2016
    I live in a tropical country That is very good for the plant

  • Lee Govan Lee Govan on Apr 18, 2016
    Morning sun is perfect for them, earlier is better (roughly no more than two hours). Dry them out completely before watering, and let them drain completely, I don't have a saucer under mine at all. If you know someone that has one, take cuttings after flowering has finished and cut off about 3 inches, remover the two lower sets of leaves, dip them in honey, and plant them in a pot of seed mix. I make a hole for the stem then fill it in. Water it in and leave to drain. Keep it inside, out of direct sun, but, a light room. they should take within three weeks, then put it outside and watch it grow. You can take a leaf cutting and do the same, only put it in a covered seed tray, or in a put and put a clear plastic bag over it and hold it on with a rubber band at the top of the pot. I have grown these in tropical as well well as cool climates, just protect them from frosts and direct sun and they will grow like weeds. Feed with slow release fertilizer once a year in spring. Good luck.