Is this a poison ivy or poison sumac type plant?

Arlette Twersky
by Arlette Twersky
This stuff is growing along the fence in my back yard. Someone who is doing work on my patio says he is extremely allergic to poison sumac and that's what he thinks it is. I bought some poison ivy killer but have not applied it yet. I can't find any poison sumac killer. I'm not convinced that's what this is. I'm including a few pictures. Does anybody have an idea what this is?
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  • Natalie Natalie on Jul 06, 2014
    Yes that is poison ivy. Do not burn it. Smother it with rugs, carpet, plastic or anything you can think of.
  • Irish53 Irish53 on Jul 06, 2014
    From my very long time ago days of girl scout poison ivy are three shiny leaves of green
  • Sue Geney Bynum Sue Geney Bynum on Jul 06, 2014
    Rule of thumb is "Leaves of three, let it be!" Other indications of poison ivy are a reddish color to the stems (especially in the fall) and a hairy growth that helps it cling to whatever it is growing on. It is a vine and will climb on anything it can get to. The poison is actually the oil that is in the leaves, stems and roots. Some people are allergic enough that they can break out just from being inches away from the plant. I'm thinking these are not pictures of poison ivy but of a couple of other weeds that you could safely remove. If you are in doubt, wear long gloves and discard them immediately. Do not touch the used gloves or the tools you use to dig it out after they have been contaminated. Remember, it is an oil and will not dry. You will need to wash your tools with a good strong soap and lots of water to remove the poison...just to be on the safe side. Some people (me included) are fortunate enough to not be as sensitive to the poison as others. I don't roll around in it or purposely expose myself either. Respect at all times.
  • Evelyn McMullen Evelyn McMullen on Jul 06, 2014
    poison ivy mixed in with some grape leaves
  • Tammy Curry Tammy Curry on Jul 06, 2014
    That is definitely poison ivy! Use gloves when trying to remove and then wash your gloves. You might want to dig it up if at all possible they tend to have long tap roots.
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  • Glad E Olah Glad E Olah on Jul 06, 2014
    I strongly believe it is poison ivy. Usually the ivy will grow up the side of a tree, fence or even a concrete wall. Poison sumac grows more as a bush. As mention DO NOT try to burn it for the oils in the plant can be transmitted with heat. Even if the oils are on your clothing those who are allergic can have a reaction to the skin by touching the clothing. It happened to me before.
  • Darlinda Darlinda on Jul 07, 2014
    Poison ivy there also were some other plants mixed in, Don't just wear gloves. wear long sleeves, I was digging and pulling some out this spring, and was being very careful not to get it on me. But I managed to anyway, and got a real bad case on my arm that ended up taking two steroid shots to get rid of. The picture below is in the early stages.
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  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Dec 26, 2014
    Ok, so this is a little late. ;) Yes, that is poison ivy (and a small grape vine, and maybe some other stuff). Even though I am not allergic to it, I still wear nitrile or latex gloves and cover my arms with newspaper bags. No sense risking becoming allergic to it. I pull the stuff while it's young, then roll the newspaper bag down over it and throw the whole thing in the trash. DO NOT suffocate them and leave them in place. The dead leaves, roots, and vines still have urushiol in them, so get them out of your yard.
  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Dec 26, 2014
    There are great products to spray on poison ivy that kill it out for you. I sprayed mine in the fall so when spring came the ground was ready to plant. No need to touch it at all.
  • Lillian Lillian on Apr 09, 2015
    When pulling out poison ivy, put your hands and arms into a bread bag. After you get it pulled turn the bag inside out and tie a knot and throw it into the trash can. You may need several bags. You have 20 minutes from time of possible exposure to wash with cool soapy water and change all your clothing.
  • Lynn Lynn on Apr 11, 2017

    Does any of the poisons , oak, ivy ,sumac, look red in the spring?