Non-flowering basil plant

by Diane
Several years ago I purchased an amazing basil plant at a nursery. It grew to be 3 or more feet tall, never flowered or went to seed. I rooted many slips from it to give away. Now I have moved and can't find this variety again. Does anyone know the name of this Basil and where I can get more?
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  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 07, 2016
    A picture would help, but is it getting enough sun, most all herbs love the sun and good drainage. Try a site about herbs that shows pictures of the different varieties, maybe you can get a name and find a place to buy it.
  • Illusion301 Illusion301 on Jul 07, 2016
    I'd say check with local nurseries where you are at. They should be knowledgeable with a description that you give them. Check online nurseries also. I've ordered from online nurseries that were very helpful!
  • Diane Diane on Jul 07, 2016
    Dorlis, I don't think you read my question correctly. I didn't have a problem growing it, I'm looking for the variety I described. Thanks for your help, tho.
  • Lynn Palmatier Lynn Palmatier on Jul 07, 2016
    I have never heard of a non flowering basil. I would be very interested if finding out about the same plant. Try a reputable nursery where you live. Ask them if they know about the plant and what it is called. Once you know what it is called then maybe they can try to get it or you can find on the internet. I found a garden site that shows a column basil, but not sure it is what you had. Please reply if you do find it and let us know what it is. Here is the link I found, it says it grows to 36" with little buds or no flowers.
  • Bonny McDaniel Bonny McDaniel on Jul 07, 2016
    There could be a reason that it never flowered. First, your watering of the plant...if you withhold water from most plants, the stress will cause them to flower (they 'think' they are going to die and, therefore, need to set some seed) so, if you kept the plant in a fairly moist state, it may not have seen the need to flower. Secondly, if you were clipping off leaves to use in cooking or propagate, the trimming itself will usually keep a plant from flowering. This is particularly noticeable with cilantro...shearing it, regularly, keeps it from flowering and going to seed. If you think you did these two things to your basil, that might be why it didn't flower. Google basil and look at all the types and see what type of leaf and color yours had...there are many varieties.
  • Diane Diane on Jul 08, 2016
    Hey Everyone, thanks for all the feedback. I have already checked with the nursery where I bought it and they are as clueless as I am. It was the easiest plant to reproduce simply by sticking a cutting in a glass of water but I never had to nip a blossom from its tip. I know strange. I have even checked all the organic online nurseries. The closest one is called Genovese Basil which they say is approximately 30" tall and slow to bolt. If I succeed, I will let everyone know.
  • Margaret Margaret on Jul 08, 2016
    Just MHO but I think its better to search online locals seem to only know about local plants
  • Mike Tiago Mike Tiago on Apr 12, 2017

    There are two types that I know of: perpetual or pesto basil and another one is Greek columnar basil. The former I've actually found in person only at a few garden nurseries, each had a year round florists shop. Never in hardware store garden sections or at small scale nurseries or farms that close for part of the year. It seems to be a very uncommonly sold culinary herb despite being extremely practical and highly ornamental as a variegated cultivar. This and the nonvariegated column type are sold on Amazon and on Hirt's Gardens's website.

  • Ginabeena Ginabeena on Mar 03, 2019

    I gave this basil! It grows amazingly and I have been searching for it’s name online to no avail!

    • Tony Tarin Tony Tarin on Mar 20, 2019

      Bam Basil. That's the name your searching for. Burpees used to sell it. But no longer does.

  • Jo Parrott Jo Parrott on May 05, 2019

    You are looking for GREEK COLUMNAR BASIL--I discovered it several years ago and won't grow any other. I gave founfd it locally at Fred Meyer's (TriCities, WA) but this year I found one website that has it-- it is but listen to this--I got 2 beautiful plabts from them-(all free shipping) and both of them are beginning to flower !!! I can't believe it ! I will save seeds and see what happens. They definitely are NOT supposed to flower !

  • Beverly Stewart Beverly Stewart on May 25, 2019

    Aussie basil,I bought it last year at my local supermarket and it did not flower,can't find it this year.I bought Pesto Perpetuo basil from Burpee,they claim it will not flower,will update.

  • Christy Howell Christy Howell on Jun 17, 2019

    Pesto Purpetuo' Basil (O. basilicum citriodorum) -- You'll have to clue your guests in on this beauty because they probably won't recognize it as a basil. It's leaves are variegated with pale green and edged in cream. Pesto Purpetuo grows to 48 inches tall, is non-flowering, and has a peppery flavor.

  • Maria Katsandris Porter Maria Katsandris Porter on Oct 17, 2019

    My basil is well over three feet tall and has not flowered... it's now October. Currently, I'm living in Greece and have never grown nor seen basil like this while living in the states.

  • Michelle Z Michelle Z on Jul 17, 2022

    Amazel Basil by proven winners. It's hard to find as it's a clone. I searched for 3 years and finally found 2. This basil variety is sterile!

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 17, 2022

    Goggle it. Really it is amazing what you can find.