Asked on Jun 05, 2017

My Amaryllis leaves are over 3 feet tall! What do I do?

It had lovel blooms which have since died. It continues to get new leaves and they are growing so tall. I have them propped with an orchid stick. Do I cut them back or let them grow? They are healthy.
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  • Raymond Pittam Raymond Pittam on Jun 05, 2017

    Cindy Baker Cox, It sounds like that plant means a lot to you. You may want to split the bulbs and shart new plants. I raise my Amaryllis out in my ywrd on the South side of the house close to the house. This protects it from the winter and allows it morning and evening sun with a tree about 25 feet away from the buildin. I split and transplant every other year and use four feet long bambo pols as stakes tying the stalks up every fur inch's with soft cotton cloth strands. I feed my Amaryllis every three months with Bulb feed the same as my Dahlia's Iris, Cana's and long stalk Flowers. I softly spray them with a mister, never heavy watering. I years ago was a Gardener and Commercial Land S cape Tree and lawn business owner working with several nurseries. Being from North west Missouri a man had to specialize in many typeds of work to survive. I am now well retired and offer my knowledge on small situations free of charge,

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Jun 05, 2017

    You plant is healthy and even though the flower is gone, those leaves are making food for next years bloom. They will eventually die naturally. When they are dead cut them off. If you wish, you can then transplant your amaryllis into a separate pot then. Cut back (but don't stop) on the water for a few months while it rests. Resume plenty of water and fertilizer when you see new shoots starting to sprout. Amaryllis actually like being moderately pot-bound.

  • Robin Squier Marzo Robin Squier Marzo on Jun 05, 2017

    That's ok! Continue watering and keep outside until Sept. then bring inside and out in cool dark place until Nov. bring back out and water normally. You should then have flowers for Xmas time!

  • Eloise Eloise on Jun 05, 2017

    Here's what I found on Google: After the flowers have faded, cut the flower stalk to within 1" of the top of the bulb. Continue to water and feed the plant regularly with a liquid houseplant fertilizer. Amaryllis will grow a number of leaves during the spring and summer. This will help the plant produce energy for the following year's bloom.

  • Ili Ili on Jun 05, 2017

    Love your care Raymond....

    In my Z.9 I wait until they brown and Spring will be putting new growth/blooms....

  • Shi23214263 Shi23214263 on Jun 05, 2017

    plant them outsider

  • Jeanne Schmitt Jeanne Schmitt on Jun 05, 2017

    When the flowers have stopped blooming it's time to let the plant rest.You can put it into the garage as is and let it wilt out.When the foliage is dead you can cut it off. After a few months of only very light watering to keep the roots alive you can bring it back into the house and start watering again as usual. in a short period of time it will start to sprout again then bloom.

  • Dna7787090 Dna7787090 on Jun 09, 2017

    Mine is 3 ft. tall and has not bloomed. I have it inside getting indirect light and I mist it every other day. I have watered it according to the directions that came with the plant. I fertilized it about 3 months ago. What am I doing wrong? Or do some of these plants never bloom?

  • Vonda Cole Vonda Cole on Mar 18, 2021

    My amaryllis is tall with healthy green leaves but no blooms. Should I let them limp over or tie them up?

    • Jeff Jeff on Apr 11, 2021

      I have the same kind of situation. My amaryllis started for the first time (at least I assume that) after I bought it from Aldi's before Christmas- maybe around Thanksgiving. It didn't do anything for the longest, and then it grew four leaves like crazy. It appears it might have slowed down, but here it is middle of April, and not even the first bloom, unless Aldi's suppliers are recycling these things. For everyone else- yes, I know this thread is four years old.