Asked on Jan 11, 2012

Suggestion for coffee grounds

Dwayne S
by Dwayne S
I had that if you dump your used coffee grounds at the roots of your rose bushes, it is great fertilizer. I have found this to be true. My rose bush is flourishing. Anyone else find the same thing?
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 11, 2012
    Many folks swear by this, Dwayne. Your used egg shells can also find a home in your garden. Check out this recent post:
  • I'd also try some tea leaves, they work great with roses as well!
  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Jan 11, 2012
    I use coffee grounds, egg shells & also banana peels. I try a lot of things and they seem to work since my plants are normally very nice. I never tried tea leaves because I don't have any. Yamini tell me more about tea leaves.
  • Yes! recycle,organic enrichment is the way to go. I have gardened this way since I was a child and I always see results.
  • Phyllis W Phyllis W on Jan 12, 2012
    yes, very good
  • Wilma Wilma on Jan 12, 2012
    Bananas are great too!
  • Kenneth L Kenneth L on Jan 12, 2012
    My dad used coffee grounds for years and his roses were the best around. Neighbors used to stop by to see them - huge.
  • Tammie W Tammie W on Jan 12, 2012
    That AND banana peels really help the roses bloom faster, and seem to be more vibrant!!! Try it!!
  • Bonnie B Bonnie B on Jan 12, 2012
    Coffee grounds are great ~~ ! I pick them up from Starbuck's ~~ they give them away free. I wonder if they'd work on Hydrangeas too? Does anyone know???
    • Mike Viall II Mike Viall II on Apr 08, 2017

      I put coffee ground on my hydrangeas to turn them blue. It works and they were beautiful, some where half pink.and half blue. I will do it again. roses love coffee grounds

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 13, 2012
    I can't speak from personal experience with hydrangeas, Bonnie, but I think coffee grounds would help any plant that likes soil that runs toward the acidic side. So the only real reason not to use them on hydrangeas would be if yours are pink and you want to keep them that color: coffee grounds will push them toward blue. Thanks for the tip on Starbucks. I'm going to have to stop by for some grounds since I'm a tea drinker.
  • Doerr Landscape Design Doerr Landscape Design on Jan 13, 2012
    I use a coffee maker called a Senseo it uses coffee pods I save them up and use them on all my plants . I have even convinced many of my clients to use thiel old grounds as well. One plant that loves it the most are the Bird of Paradise they will bloom for me almost all year long.
  • Jeanne M Jeanne M on Jan 13, 2012
    Another suggestionf for coffee grounds. Best to do when building a house, but can be done after house is built. Put grounds all around foundation. It keeps the ants out of house. My parents did this and at the 50 yr mark, they was their 1st ant in the house. I used it on my doublewide around skirting and it has helped. I rarely see ants in the house anymore.
  • Teresa D Teresa D on Jan 13, 2012
    So how are the grounds applied to the soil? Do I have to dry them out first or can I just take the grounds out of the coffee pot in the morrning and dump them directly out of the filter - sprinkling around the plant or do I have to mix it in with the soil?
    • Elaine Elaine on Mar 31, 2017

      I would think it wouldn't matter because if you waited to dry the ground coffee, applied it and it rained an hour later, what would be the difference?

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Jan 13, 2012
    I save the coffee grounds and once a week I just drop them on the ground surrounding the plants. It certainly wouldn't hurt to mix it in the soil but I have too many other things to do in the yard.
  • Phyllis W Phyllis W on Jan 14, 2012
    I'm going to try them on the ants next. Hope it works. Lots of fire ants around this area. Ants like my roses too, they'll get a dose. - Tea leaves I usually put on my house plants. I use everything for something. Banana peals have potassium.
  • Tina D Tina D on Jan 14, 2012
    It works great on small frog ponds to kill the larvae,it does not hurt the polywods.
  • Marie E Marie E on Jan 14, 2012
    yes for my rhodies and azaleas!!
  • Teresa D Teresa D on Jan 15, 2012
    Is this only applied in the growing season or all year round?
  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Jan 15, 2012
    Teresa, I apply coffee grounds, egg shells & banana peels year round. Since I throw everything on top of the mulch I don't have to wait for the banana peels to dry.
  • Teresa D Teresa D on Jan 15, 2012
    Sherrie .. no problems with critters with the banana peels ?
  • Telena D Telena D on Jan 15, 2012
    i use coffe and tea grounds inmy introduces earth worms, which i turn lead to more compost...esp if you have clay dirt. My grandmother always did I learned from her!
  • Patsy B Patsy B on Jan 15, 2012
    I always put my coffe grounds in my compost bin.
  • Ricardo B Ricardo B on Jan 15, 2012
    All of my coffee grounds go in together with veggies, peelings and egg shells into my kitchen collector (empty one-gallon ice cream container). When it's full, it goes to my compost pile by the garden which is just a pile on the ground that I turn over about once a week or when ever I fill up the gallon bucket. It's all good and breaks down to rich usable compost that smells earthy but not rotten.
  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Jan 19, 2012
    No Teresa, no problems with critters & banana peels. I have a large yard and many critters visit here but none take banana peels. A bear recently took a big banana plant and pulled it into the woods. Several neighbors saw the bear - I didn't.
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 20, 2012
    @Sherrie: I've tried putting banana peels around my staghorn fern, but they always seem to quickly disappear. I don't know what takes them, and I don't want to know!
  • Mona Taylor Mona Taylor on Oct 09, 2015
    I have done this with coffee grounds and pulp of anything after juicing. The hostas were amazingly huge and vibrant.
  • Gerald Skipper Gerald Skipper on Oct 09, 2015
    I have a rose bush that was about 3 feet tall 6 months ago! I used a mix of coffee grounds,egg shells,and banana peels. I am 5ft 6in tall and the rose is 4ft taller than me! Bury the mix 4 to 5 inches around the roots and the critters won't mess with it!
  • Nikki Nikki on Mar 19, 2016
    I use my coffee grounds on all of my plants too. I have to say what amazed me on my rose bushes was using epsom salt added to a pitcher of water and watering them, and also over ripened bananas and or even my banana peels. I was amazed how my roses literally doubled in size. I read both of those at the same time last summer, so I can't honestly say which one actually made them flourish like they did but it was Amazing and the blooms just kept coming up daily. =)
  • Macy Kalmanson Widofsky Macy Kalmanson Widofsky on May 08, 2016
    I put our used coffee grounds on the bases of our blueberry bushes! Mostly, it's a discreet mulch, but any residual acid helps amend the soil pH to what they like.
  • Karen Gustin Karen Gustin on Mar 30, 2017

    Could I use Coffee grounds on house plants as well?

  • Stephanie corley Stephanie corley on Mar 31, 2017

    Coffee grounds make azaleas have a bountiful blooming season.

  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 07, 2017

    google coffee ground use in the garden. You will be amazed just how great they are. Kills slugs that attack your hosta's, repels some other bugs; good for pine tree's, roses; can act as a mulch; enriches soil in your lawn.

    Pour unused coffee on your houseplants.

    As said earlier, Starbucks gives them away.

  • Goldrushgal Goldrushgal on Apr 13, 2017

    Coffee grounds help with mosquitoes, too. Dry them and burn them like incense when you are outside. They dislike the smell.