Asked on Jul 17, 2014

White Zucchini-what happened to my zucchini?

by Wendy
White Zucchini? What happened to my zucchini plants this year? This is my 4th year having a garden where I grow zucchini and this year I have faced a challenge. Usually my garden will produce more green zucchini than I can handle and I end up having to spend a whole day chopping and freezing zucchini for the next year. This year my plants are not producing nearly as much zucchini, but the one thing I have discovered is that half my zucchini plants are white!! At first I checked with my seed packets to make sure I didn’t plant some type of other squash there that I did not remember doing because I had never had seen white zucchini.
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  • Jajohnsey Jajohnsey on Jul 18, 2014
    I think the seeds weren't true, obviously crossed with patty pan squash?
  • Dorothy Dorothy on Jul 18, 2014
    Interesting. Might be worth allowing one to mature and save some seed, plant those seed next might have a mutation of some kind that could become popular and an economic windfall for you. I have no clue why some would be white while others are "normal" green. Check with your county extension agent as well to see if there is some kind of plant virus that could cause this (wouldn't necessarily make them inedible). And please post here whatever you find out.
  • Letitia Letitia on Jul 18, 2014
    There are white zucchini. You cook them the same as the green. A bit milder flavor,,,
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 18, 2014
    I think it is just some sort of genetic mutation. I don't think it in any way affects the edibility of your zucchini.
  • Denise Denise on Jul 21, 2017

    I have white zucchini too!

  • Jill Jill on Jul 19, 2018

    This exact same thing happened to me. I have planted zucchini for many years but this year I have normal dark green zucchini as well as the white ones. The white ones are growing on a separate vine however. They look exactly the same so I plan to use them as I wouldn't normal zucchini.

  • Axel Wanksta Axel Wanksta on Aug 20, 2018

    We got one whither one this year but it skin if thicker than any of my green ones . Saving the seed to see if we can get more white one next year

  • Jessica Harding-Moore Jessica Harding-Moore on Aug 28, 2018

    I am getting white ones that look and feel hard like gourds, as well as the normal green ones.

  • Annette Annette on Aug 16, 2020

    Me too. Actually I am getting as many white as green. I am going to try them in bread

  • Dave Eyre Dave Eyre on Nov 17, 2020

    Ok it's happening to a few of us, be interesting to try them. Cheers happy growers ✌

  • Brian Brian on Jul 24, 2021


  • Kathryn Kathryn on Aug 20, 2021

    This is my first year growing Zucchini. I planted the Caserta Heirloom seeds. My Zucchini is white as well. I though perhaps it was not ripe but it is huge.