Wisteria in Plainfield, Illinois

Diana F
by Diana F
I would like to have wisteria in my garden. Is it hardy in my area? What/where do I plant it? Does it need a support system, shade, sun? Any tips from anyone who is growing this beautiful vine/plant would be appreciated. Also, I want to plant a honeysuckle vine outside my office window, for hummingbirds, in a mostly shady area to grow up a 3' pointed garden sphere thingy. Not attach to my home and I would like to keep it pruned to a certain size. Is this possible? Any suggestions?
Thanks all..happy spring🌸
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  • Diana F Diana F on Apr 19, 2015
    Lots of autocorrecting going on, that happens to be incorrect!! Sorry:)
  • Linda g Linda g on Apr 19, 2015
    I was told that it would take a long time up to 7 yrs. I live in western Ky. Planted on my fence you will need something sturdy for a base. Mine is in full bloom and beautiful. The blooms attract bees so caution.
  • AwiUsti AwiUsti on Apr 19, 2015
    A friend from Mississippi dug a Wisteria for us and gave us all the warnings. Still we planted it so it would grow around our large heavy wrought iron patio structure. It took over in no more than four to five years and, while it was absolutely beautiful, we honestly were afraid it was going to start compromising the spots where the patio structure attached to the house--and this is heavy, strong 60s construction. Cutting it back is no small chore as the vines get large and woody. Getting it all out of the ground is almost impossible; the vines root anywhere it touches the ground. We are in northern Middle Tennessee, zone 6b and it thrives here. If you get it, just expect to be issuing this heads up to others in a few years. But it is a thing of beauty. Enjoy!
  • Diana F Diana F on Apr 19, 2015
    Ok, that answers tha!!!! I will admire them from afar:)
  • MaryStLouis MaryStLouis on Apr 20, 2015
    A mature wisteria can cover an acre of land, like the record setting vine in Sierra Madre, CA. But that's under perfect growing conditions. Still, yikes!
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on May 20, 2015
    These are pics of the Wisteria that grew in the very tall tree behind our church a few years ago in 2010. Unfortunately, a couple of springs ago we had late snows and the plant died. I only have these pics to remember it by. But it was lovely. I have only seen it do this one other time, grow in a tree. And that was down near Huntingdon, PA. I connected itself to a telephone line and went across the road too. Beautiful! Good luck with yours if you get some.
  • Cathy Dillon Cathy Dillon on Aug 13, 2017

    We bought a ( Chineese? ) wisteria at the garden center, and after a year or two of trying to decide.... about how and where to build a sturdy enough structure and a permanent place.. Well! we discovered that it had grown THROUGH the plastic pot and THAT is where it has stayed.. the main root anyway. My friend has a gorgeous wisteria hanging over a portion of her Patio- the vine is supported by full fledged construction of an " open sort of roof" of sturdy significant beams, and I am sure they clip it often.

    My wisteria, now that I have seen it in action for many years- ( 25?) has pulled over the 5' sturdy garden stakes that hold a wire fence in place. When I wanted to reposition those stakes I could not get them out. Now a days I will cut it back viciously, as I am quite sure that some of it will grow back. With the size and health of mine I could cut it anytime, but we usually Do have a second bloom, In CT so best to really cut immediately after the spring blooms and then again after the late summer bloom. It is an interesting spicy fragrance in the spring.

    It can be 'trained' .. so we did try to wrap it around itself somewhat to try to shape it into more of it's own sort of tree. (didn't really work) but those tentacles can be positioned to go where you want... and they are long.. and flexible... perhaps 10'/ 15' long from the main stem. They actually would probably make a good base for a DIY wreath. We "trained" some tentacles inbetween the holes of the wire, and that length , about 15' of fence - it has those limits when I cut it back. It grows Above the 3-4' height of the wire fence to about 6' tall and stretches up and over onto a close by apple tree until cut back.

    Around here the utility company can give you a hard time about deliberately planting something and using the telephone pole as it's support. But you'll want to consider how sturdy a telephone pole is - and how tall - as you budget for the long term placement of the plant. I wish we had built a sort of a free standing carport or a large outdoor patio with open beams that could support the wisteria. And , there are other vines you might consider, - such as Honeysuckle maybe even sweet pea - if your wisteria is slow to get going, or while you are waiting or if it just dies for some reason.

    It does root where it touches the ground- very similar to english ivy when trying to pull it up/ pull it out. Not too hard to release from the ground, if no more than one year's growth.