Does anyone have any experience with Jack Fruit Trees?

I've have searched online and cannot seem to find any help. I have a jack fruit tree that I grew from seed. It is about a year and a half to two years old. The picture below was taken feb 2017. Winter of 2016 it dropped all of its leaves and I just left it along and then it grew a few leaves but they browned on the edges like in the picture. During this summer it sprouted and grew more and got a bunch more leaves. Starting probably beginning of November this year it started dropping its leaves again. I was starting to think that they are supposed to drop leaves in winter but after looking up information online I don't think it is supposed to. I have given it a citrus food that is 6-4-6 a few times but it didn't seem like it did much. I am pretty sure I give it enough water as well. Any ideas? TIA.
q does anyone have any experience with jack fruit trees
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