How do I grow a garden in Arizona?


Ok I'm originally from Oregon where I had a green thumb! Now I live in Mesa Arizona and believe it or not I can't even grow a cactus !! Any suggestions on what I can try? I really lost my confidence in this area ☹️ thank you

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jan 12, 2019

    Go to your local nursery and see what they are selling since they only stock what will grow (hopefully thrive) in your region. Another suggestion is to take a walk around your neighborhood and photograph landscapes you like and copy this since it is obviously successful.

  • Huntress Huntress on Jan 12, 2019

    Go to the home stores. Garden centers to see what they are selling. Look at yards to see what grows and what you like. If you see a yard you like and the owner is working on it, stop and ask. You know we love to brag, I mean share. Lol. I moved from Mass to SC, so I know what you mean. Note your sun, morning, and afternoon because I found this to be the biggest factor. Some plants say full sun until it is FULL sun, like my summers are Hot. Sometimes they need a relief. I did become a major cactus freak moving here. Good luck, being a gardener already will help. Of course there is always Hometalk to help !

  • GLD GLD on Jan 12, 2019

    Melody: Use your computer as a how to tool. In your browser type your question, like what can grow in Mesa Arizona, or how to care for outside plants in Arizona? there will be different web sites to choose from for this information. I usually read as many as I can. Good Luck!

  • Barbara Bromwich Barbara Bromwich on Jan 13, 2019

    Check to see how much you are watering the plants. Also the “soil” you are planting them in.