How can I grow grass in shaded and sloped area?

My yard looks absolutely disgraceful. There are “several” trees and I cannot get grass to grow. Some of the areas seem to be sandy and definitely hard packed. Please help.

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  • MommaPandaShell MommaPandaShell on Aug 25, 2018

    Personally I use fescue and creeping red. The creeping red grows over there bald spots. Light layer of straw and water every day.

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Aug 25, 2018

    Or trim some areas on tree so grass can get sun.

  • With some trees, grass will not grow due to the pH in the soil. If that is the case, border it off and cover with mulch, rock, gravel or stones, whatever goes with your style. Lay landscape fabric down first, then cover with desired landscape material.

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    • What kind of trees do you have? I would also suggest a soil testing kit, until you know what your problem is, any self diagnosis will be trial and error. Tell us what trees you have and we can figure this out.