How can I start a compost pile without creating a bin?

I would like to have a compost pile that isn't permanent.

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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jul 27, 2017
    Unless you want to be out there turning it over every couple of days with a pitchfork, doing so w/o a composter will just STINK and break your back!

  • Jab25441567 Jab25441567 on Jul 27, 2017
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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 27, 2017
    Pound some stakes into the ground and put chicken wire around it and secure with zip ties. Leave an opening so that you can easily turn the pile. I don't use anything, just use a corner against the fence that my winter squash goes over to put my excess shredded leaves and cut grass.

    • Lynne Webb Lynne Webb on Jul 28, 2017
      Good idea and without some constraints, this pile is going to have rats and mice and who knows what else if kitchen waste is included. It will also take longer to cook because it isn't held fast to speed up the decaying process.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 28, 2017
    I don't add food waste and it is way up at the top fence at the top of two steep tiers. As far from the house as it can go. What little food waste I have is not worth the trek up those two hills to put it in. What food I have left over goes to my Mom who is 97 years old and still lives on her own so that she doesn't have to do anything but warm up food and still have something other than frozen dinners.

  • Urin Goodhanz Urin Goodhanz on Jul 28, 2017
    Put down a big blue/silver tarp or else you'll get a black lawn spot that takes years to get back to normal

  • 1401470 1401470 on Aug 20, 2017
    Direct Compost -my grandma taught me this tip years ago and it's amazing. To learn more check out my blog Garden Up Green. Click Garden/Dirt Simple I have two posts on how it works.

  • Cin21825342 Cin21825342 on Aug 20, 2017
    I just made a big pile in the corner of my garden. No bin.