How close can I plant different species of palm trees together?

We want to create a tropical forest effect in our backyard.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 09, 2018
    You would need to check each species you want to add to the mix to see how close it can be planted next to another based on root ball and amount of water it needs.

    • Sheri Sheri on Apr 10, 2018
      Thank you. Water is always the issue here in Southern Cal. I will use palms that can stand some drought and help with mulching. Thank you.

  • Melissa V Melissa V on Apr 09, 2018
    Hi Sheri 🌴!!! As you can imagine, the palms can vary greatly in heighth, as well as palm frond size. So there’s that to consider when planning (and your neighbors).
    Do you have your forest laid out on paper? Then head to your favorite ‘tropicals, palms, ferns, etc ‘ nursery and let them give you an idea of what they look like, the cost, and the rootballs!!! See what they think-one may need a huge rootball, one small!
    See if they can pull together a 5-piece sample for you and see if you like it 😎

    • Sheri Sheri on Apr 10, 2018
      Yes I did plan on paper first. But now the reality of overall cost of certain types I will have to re-think my plan. I have been lucky to find some queen palms at a discount that someone was selling out of there front yard and I got three pigmy palms free. Great idea about the 5-piece sample. will do that next weekend. Thank you.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 09, 2018
    The shorter the type, the closer they can be planted, but these are all really trees and need lots of space for their roots to grow deep and wide. The tallest types need as much space as an oak tree. I see you are in California, but your weather is as variable there as in Texas. I sure would consult the Dept. of Agriculture Extension Office in your part of the state to see if you are tropical enough to sustain the kind of palm garden you want. Best wishes ☺️

    • Sheri Sheri on Apr 10, 2018
      Thank you Jewell for your insight. I will follow up with a call to UCR Extension for further advice. Best to you.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 10, 2018
    Such a nice response. Thank you. I love the palms in south Texas and the Florida Gulf Coast. ☺️