How do I make sure potting soil to sand ratio is correct?

Make sure the balance of nutrients of aoil and sand are appropriate in home garden?

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 02, 2019

    What is your reason behind putting sand in your garden? Most garden soil has enough sand in it. I usually use potting soil or compost if you have it, or both and some peat moss. If you add much sand to the mix, the moisture may drain too quickly.

  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 02, 2019

    Try putting the soil you have in a pot and water it thoroughly...see how long it takes for the water to drain from the pot....well drained soil will allow water to flow through it in just a minute or two depending on the size of the pot. If water sits in the soil, you can add 1 part coarse sand to 4 parts soil and see how that drains...make sure all the drainage holes in the pot do not get clogged with can use gravel or bits from broken pots to keep the soil from running out or blocking drainage.

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Mar 02, 2019

    Hi Deborah, here is a recipe for making your own potting soil. Hope this is helpful Homemade Potting Mix - UF/IFAS Extension

    Sep 20, 2018 - Making your own mix allows you to control the types and ... Sand. Sand adds air space to a potting mix. Builder's sand, or coarse sand, is best.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 02, 2019
    Why do you think you need to add sand? The soil found in a typical yard will be about 90% mineral residue and only about 10% decayed organic matter. Yet it sustains a community of insects and microorganisms. The reason for adding additional organic matter to your soil is to provide food for the beneficial microorganisms that release nutrients into the soil as they decompose the organic matter. Earthworms and other soil dwelling insects aerate the soil as they move through it and contribute still more organic matter with their waste and decomposition. This makes for what is called healthy soil.What is Healthy Soil?When discussing soil, we generally focus in on four things: texture, structure, pH, organic matter/ fertility. here's some info. reading on soil