How do you maintain basil in a pot?

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 10, 2017
    If it is outside, make sure it gets enough light. Water it when it is dry a couple of inches down in the soil. Water it until the water runs out. Potted plants need regular fertilization since it doesn't get the nutrients from the soil like being planted in the soil. The frequent watering they need depletes the nutrients a lot quicker, so make sure you remember to fertilize according to your fertilizer directions. In my shorter growing season and weird weather this summer my basil in a big pot was about 30 inches high. If the plant is inside the care is the same, the biggest thing is getting plenty of light, it really makes them thrive indoors much better.

  • Keep pinching the leaves as the plant grows. If you do not need them at the moment, just place between paper towels and dry them for future use.