How much should I expect to pay to have 3 pine trees removed. 6’ & 1

I would love to attack this myself but at age 78, I think I’m about 2 yrs too late. Can’t afford a liceneed arborist. So what‘s a reasonable rate range I should be expecting when I seek prices? Thank you.

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  • Dfm Dfm on May 30, 2018
    6 feet tall? See if some one will come out and dig them up Free for the taking.

    • Barb Barb on Jun 01, 2018
      Thanks Dfm. But I would offer to pay something. (Two are 6’ but the other is about 15’.). Thanks again for your suggestion.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on May 30, 2018
    Dfm is right, someone might be willing to remove them free for the taking. But if not I wouldn't expect it to cost more then $200 total.

    • Barb Barb on Jun 01, 2018
      Hi Kelly-n-Tony. Please see my reply to Dfm. Your added guidance on payment is appreciated- at least gives me something to work with. Thanks again!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 31, 2018
    If you mean your trees are 6' and 1' tall, any handyman should be able to do this. Have some Brush Removal Chemical handy to spray down the stump so it will not re-grow. This has to be put on immediately upon cutting down the trees.

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    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 01, 2018
      I did not have the stumps ground because I did not want sawdust to deal with all summer...they are near the sidewalk. And the stump grider wanted $450!!! But now, I wish I had!!! Oh well, they will die eventually! I have started a garden around the stumps with landscape cloth and black mulch! It is going slowly.

      Weird weather with chilly wet too long and now too much rain and humidity! And I am old! LOL Hopefully in a few weeks there will be better photos...they are always bad when in the construction stage!

      Luckily, these are below grade and not easily seen from the street!

  • Mary Midden Mary Midden on May 31, 2018
    One the little one - get a rachet loper. The long handles are usually in my way but this keeps one - limber. Keep going gal, I am 10 up on you! You can do it!

    • Barb Barb on Jun 01, 2018
      Hi Mary, I started my reply to you and got interrupted. When I went back to finish, it was GONE! Oh well, ... thanks for your reply and I’m definitely putting the loper on my “things to get” list. I’m usually a pick, shovel, saw gal but recent major, back surgery and COPD have put a cramp in my style. Love we share the same attitude but right now I have to swallow my pride & ask. After recovery, We should start a business - “2 Old Ladies With Tools”

  • Barb Barb on May 31, 2018
    Thanks, Jeannette. Looks like my typing was cutting off beyond my control. �😱😱😱�😱
    Two of the pines are about 6’ tall and the other one is about 15’ tall. (Not 1’ �😆)😆😆😆). The stump spray was very helpful idea.

    Thank again

  • Barb Barb on Jun 03, 2018
    Ah, the weather - enough is enough!! Storms and flash floods in my area right now!
    your work looks fine so far - good cover up thanks to your vision & creativity. A little at a time until you’re satisfied. Thanks for sharing!
    Since I just had mulch spread before I thought of this tree removal project, I think I’m going to wait till late fall to attack this project.

  • Angela Sparks Angela Sparks on Jun 03, 2018
    We just had three very large pine trees removed and taken away for $1500.