How to make this terrariums

i m struggling to get some hint or help to get this diy Terrarium, how to put big stone in glass containers, is it real rock how to arrange them?
Another pictures of slanted terrarium, I m really shocked to see this Terrarium and even how they slanted (beach sand?) please help me. Thanks
q how to make this terrariums
q how to make this terrariums
q how to make this terrariums
q how to make this terrariums
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  • Yes it is real rock and surprisingly easy to do. Lots of garden centers give classes on this project. You Tube is good too. It is all in the arranging, it takes a bit of fiddling around to get it just right, so be patient. Here are some links!

  • Anj20752662 Anj20752662 on Dec 31, 2017
    Thanks naomie for nice videos. I can make basic terrariums but how to arrange big rocks in jar and how to make slanted mountain, please check some photos and give me some ideas.
    Please see terrariums that I made last week.

    • You are so welcome. You have done an awesome job! They are really beautiful! ❤ To make the "offset" arrangements all you have to do is tilt your container and pack in the potting medium pretty tightly and let it set up for a few hours or overnight. You can do this by lining a box big enough to work in with of towels or newspapers - anything that will keep the container on a slight tilt so you can build your terrarium. It does take a bit of trial and error to get it to stay in place, so don't get frustrated. Now you know why they charge so much money for them at garden centers and florists. When using sand, it does help to wet it slightly so it clumps and stays where you place it. It is just a matter of building it up slowly and "banking" the potting medium and plant carefully, yet allowing them to be upright in the finished product. When using larger rocks and stones, try and find jagged ones where you can partially bury in the dirt and sand for stability. Just play until you get it right, there is no right or wrong way and you wll soon develop your technique. Experiment with different sand and soil with varied amounts of water added to get it to the correct consistency. Hope this helps!

  • Anj20752662 Anj20752662 on Jan 01, 2018
    Perfect, I think this is very informative and helpful. I’ll start gathering all stuff since I m living in Edmonton, Canada it’s very hard to find terrarium plants and all stuff but I’ll figureout. Thanks