Garbage truck driving onto the grass - help!

by Ter13562307
It is were the edge of the lawn meets the street. I am not allowed to use
many things to prevent driving up on my grass. Because the city delegates one foot of the edge of your lawns' uses. ANY SUGGESTIONS, Please?

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  • Aileen young Aileen young on Apr 02, 2018

    I would constantly call the trash company as well as constant calls to the city to complain.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 02, 2018

    Could you place some attractive pea gravel or river rock there?

    This is a common problem, Im trying a ground cover along the area of my mailbox. I am in a more rural area. Our community will pave a small potrion of the area into the homewoners driveway for us so that there is no delineation at the driveway and roadside So the garbage truck is not a problem -but the mail truck does rut out areas.

  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on Apr 02, 2018

    Hi Teresa,

    I'd measure back one foot from the road and I'd use stone boulders to edge the whole front of my yard, nothing huge, just big enough to show this is my beautiful yard, so please stay off. You'll find that they'll stay far enough away from them that it'll make a big difference.

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Apr 02, 2018

    do you have any idea how hard that is for most people to do? Boulders are HEAVY ! And if you use anything smaller...they will be moved.

  • Janet Janet on Apr 02, 2018

    can you get large boulders and bring them to the edge of wherever the citiy allows?

  • Geew Geew on Apr 02, 2018

    On an opposite note, I would put myself in the place of the drivers. As in our neighborhood, there isn't enough room for another big truck to pass a big garbage truck if stopped just on the street, and probably for safety for the men that get off the truck to prevent them from getting hit by another vehicle. The 1 FT is called an easement, almost everywhere has them.

    How about making a 1 FT deep gravel area, where they can safely pull aside without ruining the grass while they remove your trash and other vehicles can safely get around them.

    Border the gravel with pavers to distinguish where your grass starts and their gravel area starts.

    It's a compromise that would work for both parties.

  • Yes, a common problem in many areas. The trash trucks were also taking out the post boxes on occasion. People started videotaping (now everyone has security cameras), and lodging complaints. The third time I had my post box destroyed I put my foot down. I built a curb. They sent the city surveyors out, marked it off and I hired a contractor to pour the curb and install a postbox that would never be mowed down again. Fast forward 30 or so years . . . Everyone has a curb, installed by the city - guess they were tired of paying for new post boxes (and a waste of taxpayers money.)

    If a curb is not in your budget, try gravel or pavers. I worry that gravel will get strewn all over the street and in winter, if it snows where you live, the snow plows will push it away and you will be left with a muddy, icy mess. Pavers are my vote.