Asked on Jul 27, 2017

Where can you buy molds to make large concrete pots?

Kitty Fletcher
by Kitty Fletcher
We have been making concrete flower pots using 2 differnte size pots but would really like to buy a couple of molds. I would really like to make larger pots, 28" + but can't find reasonably priced molds. As we are doing these for our own use, the cost is prohibitive for the one I did find at $1,200.
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  • A A on Jul 27, 2017

    If you're not interested in detail (ridges, etc.), then use buckets. You can get those in a multitude of sizes. If you're not already doing this, coat the inside of the bucket with cooking spray to make it easier to remove. I used a large cat litter tub once (it was square) and it worked very well.

    You can add detail by putting Styrofoam strips/peanuts or leaves or just about anything on the sides of the bucket before pouring the cement. Be sure to use something to temporarily adhere the detail shapes to the side of the bucket (or pour your cement very carefully).

    You can also saturate a towel in cement and drape it over a bucket to dry (make sure the towel is completely saturated). It'll take the shape of the outside of the bucket. I have one that I did several years ago and it's still good, even outside in the weather. Here's a pic.

  • Karen Karen on Jul 27, 2017

    Maybe ask a few friends to chip in for the molds so you can all make a few each for yourselves ..Or make extra pots and sell on eBay to recoup your initial outlay..Large pots always sell fast on eBay..Good luck.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jul 27, 2017

    I watched a video that showed someone using a large exercise ball as the form to make a large planter. He wrapped it with fabric and a cement mixture...1/2 way up the side of the ball. When dry, the ball lifted out. He added more mixture, smoothed and painted It.

  • Hank Wyllie Hank Wyllie on Jul 28, 2017
    Try putting some wrinkled newspaper in a large bucket (depending on what size you want) for a mould. I used a 20 litre empty laundry powder one. Pour fairly stiff concrete inside and mould it all around the inside, but don't forget to leave a hole in the bottom for drainage.
  • Richard Philip Richard Philip on Apr 27, 2022

    Hello, this is a mold maker, however in B.C.

    love everyones thoughts , but wanted to add.

    below would be for a commercial quality mold

    You will see the cost of such molds to be high, mainly as they need many processes to complete. anything over 24" tall needs to be structural for any longevity and the pressure that can be created.

    Urethane jacket as your flexible mold is by far better than using silicone, and a properly segmented Mother mold of fiberglass to ease de-mold.

    from experience, and looking at your pot. costs for building such a mold properly would be as fallows:

    *Master supplied by client ( remember what you provide is what will be duplicated) unless ( repairs and rescue-ting is necessary, charged out hourly)

    *Prep: (case molding) , release/clay/PVA $ 480.00 I'm materials and 8 hours prep $520.00

    *Fiberglass mother , $590.00 in materials and a 4 piece segmented mold( includes inner plug) labour $ 2,400.00 : each segment done at a time, split with release.

    *fasteners added, bolts / latches etc. /demold / clean up of clay blanket, $ 360.00

    *reassembly of fiberglass mother and ready to pour , $ 150.00

    *Urethane materials , based on a 10 gallon kit of rubber , $ 929.60

    *pour including expendables,$ 260.00

    Demold / Clean up and reassembly , ready to pour $ 260.00

    So as you can see, going the laundry bucket idea is far cheaper, however if you want an exact duplicate , its not worth doing if you are only making 2 or 3. however a mold like this that can last many years could easily punch out a few hundred castings, so long as it is conditioned previously and after each pour.

    so lets say you make 200 pots and each pot is 200.00, well that's 40,000.00

    now if your in the business to sell a planter and minus concrete and misc. fees, 25,000 is not that bad a return on the 7k mold investment.

    imagen if you have 20-30 molds! its big business! 500k if your good at selling at the bottom end is not that bad , especially as a side hustle.

    anyway, just wanted to share and educate,

    have an awesome day, and all the very best with your project.