Who do I contact about a tree I want removed and a new one planted?

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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 13, 2018
    An arborist, a nursery or the store from which you buy the tree. Just search "arborist" or "tree cutting service" and your city and state/province.

  • Travis Travis on Jul 13, 2018

    First, be sure that either you or the tree service is insured. Get references, as this type work is very specialized (and can be dangerous). Often the tree trimmer can plant or recommend someone to plant a new tree,

  • Gk Gk on Jul 13, 2018
    Get a tree trimming service who will clean up the mess. Some may give you a lower price but then you have to clean it all up. Also ask about grinding the stump that remain from the tree. And like another Hometalker said--make sure your tree trimmers are insured.

  • I love the 3M command hooks because they don't damage the wall. They make a bunch of different type of hooks that could work for hanging a basket.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 13, 2018

    Some landscape companies remove trees. They should have all the tools and safety harnesses that a job like this requires. They should also be able to remove the stump for you. Take a walk thru your local nurseries to pick out a new tree. They should also be happy to plant it for you. Best wishes.

  • Shiley Shiley on Jul 14, 2018
    Just had a tree removed by a tree service .Cost $ 800.00. Tree planting is easy to do yourself but any nursery tree farm will give you a quote when you buy it