My tomatoes aren't growing fast. Why?

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  • Boh33773891 Boh33773891 on Jul 12, 2018

    They need more sun. They also need to be fed every other week during growing season.

  • Kat31626563 Kat31626563 on Jul 12, 2018
    add manure to your garden and mix it well around the tomatoes, check for tomato worms bugs incase they are eating the leaves

  • Gk Gk on Jul 12, 2018
    Are your tomatoes getting the proper sunlight? At least 6 hours a day and water a few times a week. You should also fertilize--I use Miracle Grow for tomatoes until the plants start setting flowers. And if your plants already have tomatoes growing--it takes as long as it takes! Some varieties are slower than others to produce mature fruit.

  • Paul Eaton Paul Eaton on Jul 13, 2018

    They like high acid soil so horse manure works well as fertilizer. They also require lots of sun.