DIY Home Office Decor Ideas

Whether your style is farmhouse or modern, boho or industrial, Hometalk can help you create the right decor for your home office. Take a look at the top, best, and newest products Hometalk has to offer. Join our community and ask a decor question that's been nagging you. Need something more visual? Watch a step by step tutorial video. Enjoy!

Decorating Your Home Office
Create a focal point
Whether it's a piece of art, a different-colored wall, or a bold wallpaper, create a focal point in your home office.
Add green to your space
Having a plant in your office will not only clean the air but look good too. Consider a low-maintenance planter that matches the space.
Brighten a space with natural light
Choose a space with lots of natural light for your home office as it will improve your performance and well-being.
Complement with personal touches
Your home office should include personal touches such as photos and décor that show off your personal style.
Hide your cords
Keep your office free of cord clutter with cable ties and hooks. Consider placing tech into a box with a hole cut into it for cords.
More Home Office Ideas
Top Projects for Home Office Decor

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Home Office Decor Videos

DIY video tutorials will get you on your way to decorating your own home office.

Built In Desk | Upcycling At Its Best

This project has been a long time coming. We’ve been working on this built in desk with shelves for Ellie’s bedroom for the past 3 weeks. Sometimes we set unrealistic expectations of how much we can get done in a week.In a perfect world, with everything going smoothly we hoped to get this built in desk done in a week. Ambitious I know, but that’s what I am, ambitious! But the reality of it is, that it’s summer, there are swimming lessons, play dates and sleepovers with cousins and the list goes on.

DIY Rustic Wood Wall Under $40

I knew I wanted to have an accent wall in my husband's office/music studio. My husband has a really simple style, manly. So, I figured wood is the way to go. A wood accent wall. Like a cabin! Doesn't get more manly than that, right? So, along with my hubby, we turned into our alter egos and became, The DIY Duo, which we do pretty often, and tackled this project. Check out my YouTube channel: