How do I make my house look new?

So it’s a 70s home and I want to make it look newer without breaking the bank. It’s probably a generic question but any ideas would be great.

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jul 16, 2018

    Paint is always such a great place to start especially when you are on a budget. Light colors in the cooler tones make a space feel bigger and more modern. If you have dated dark trim or paneling panting it white or just white washing it in white would help a lot.

    Adding molding where there wasn't molding before such as crown molding around some rooms goes a long way as well.

    Oftentimes older homes have dated hardware (light fixtures, door handles etc.) updated those with new versions OR painting them in a more modern finish (such as bronze or chrome) can go a long way in making a home feel newer.

    After that, getting into the more expensive options, would be to replace dated carpeting with either tile or wood flooring.

  • 16999903 16999903 on Jul 16, 2018

    Hello Prerna! Welcome to Hometalk! Yes...your question is a little broad. It's best to have an overall goal to work toward, even though you can only do a little at a time. Paint would be the least expensive thing to change if you do it your self. Use light colors, and if you want more pop to your color, paint one accent wall. Remove any old window coverings, including mini blinds and put up 2" white wood or faux wood blinds. As far a flooring, pull up any carpet, and consider a vinyl wood flooring. There are some beautiful vinyls that truly look like wood and are very easy care floors. You'd be surprised what those two things will do to your interior. You'd be surprised what those few things will do to your interior.

    Post a few pictures and we might get a better idea how to help.

  • Amy Amy on Jul 17, 2018

    You can paint just about anything these days. Keep reading posts on this site and you’ll have a beautiful home before long. As others have said, paint, paint and paint. You can do so many things yourself if you make the time. If you’re on a budget try consignment shops for light fixtures and many other items.