DIY Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas

Looking to design a beautiful breakfast nook for your family to enjoy every morning? Is a round table what you desire? Or does a square table better fit your needs? Take a moment to check out Hometalk's best, top, and most popular breakfast nook projects. Browse our slideshows and let us spark your creativity.

Tips for Cool Breakfast Nooks

Make it interesting

This is a chance to stamp your personality on a small, unique space. Let your imagination go wild and design something that you love.

Don’t be afraid of tiny spaces

Make a small, cozy breakfast nook in even a cramped space. You might find that a tiny spot is ideal for getting away from it all each morning.

Put it next to a window

Place your breakfast area next to a window if you can. This will make it bright and sunny or moody depending on the weather.

Use an interesting theme

This is a great opportunity to use a theme that you may be wary of trying in a bigger space. A nautical or rustic look can work extremely well.

Make it bright and bold

Take a chance on bright, bold colors. Since this is usually a small space, colors that would normally be too strong are fine here.

Top Projects for Breakfast Nooks

Here are our top DIY breakfast nook projects here. Design a dreamy space!

Breakfast Nook Videos

Take a moment to watch out DIY breakfast nook videos for some inspiration.

How to Create a Breakfast Brunch Tablescape & Buffet Setting

Great ideas on how to set-up a simple but elegant breakfast brunch tablescape and buffet setting.

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New Breakfast Nook Projects

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