DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The right cabinets are key in keeping your kitchen looking clean and tidy, but how do you know what is right for you? Here at Hometalk we can help you find the right cabinets for your needs and even help you build them yourself! We have all the top, best, and newest projects to inspire you. What are you waiting for?

Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Refurbish your old cabinets

Look at whether you can improve existing cabinets before choosing new ones. Revitalize them with fresh paint and minor repairs.

Test the paint color first

You need to be really sure about the paint color you want. Kitchen cabinets tend to dominate the room, so the color needs to be right.

Open shelving for easy access

Have easy access to everything you need by leaving off the doors. You could create or buy kitchen shelving rather than cabinets with doors.

Add some unique details

Don’t settle for plain cabinets with no interesting features. Why not add extra shelves, new knobs, or some trim to spice things up?

Think about your storage needs

Find the exact type and amount of storage space that you need. A combination of different-sized cabinets can be used to get it just right.

Top Projects for Kitchen Cabinets

Check out our top DIY kitchen cabinet projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

Kitchen Cabinet Videos

Want to start creating the perfect kitchen cabinets? Watch our DIY video tutorials.

How I Transformed My Kitchen Cabinets for Under $100

Find out how I transformed my kitchen cabinets from old and dated to modern and fresh with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit all for under $100.To tell you a little more about the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit, it's a 4 part kit that allows you "transform" your current kitchen cabinets into they style/finish of your choosing. For me that mean going from my golden oak color to a dark espresso finish. The kit isn't too daunting to understand...Step 1: Pre-wash the cabinets to remove the finishStep 2: Base CoatStep 3: Glaze Coat (optional, I skipped this one)Step 4: Final Glaze coatOnce I was ready to get started I headed to Lowe's and purchased the kit. When we purchased our kit it cost $79 for the Small Kit. They have a Large Kit for $149 as well. Just like regular cans of paint you would buy, you take it to have your Base Coat tinted to match the finish you would like. I decided on the Espresso color, but there's a variety of colors included in the "Dark Kit". On the flip side, if you would like your cabinets to be lighter, there's even a "Light Kit" too. Now let's get started with the transformation...

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

My parents just moved into a beautiful new home! However, it was built in the 70's & needed some updating. They've worked so hard painting, laying floor, & updating the rest of the house & the last big project was the kitchen! First things first, we decided to tackle the cabinets.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets With Paint! Here's How...

My neighbor's kitchen is a builder grade oak kitchen from the late 80’s. It has great storage space and great lay-out, but it’s time for the orange-hued oak to go. I think hands down the least expensive and best way to redo your kitchen is to paint your cabinets. It’s a bit of work, but it makes an HUGE difference.

New Kitchen Cabinet Projects

New kitchen cabinet projects are here to spark your creativity and grace your home!