DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The right cabinets are key in keeping your kitchen looking clean and tidy, but how do you know what is right for you? Here at Hometalk we can help you find the right cabinets for your needs and even help you build them yourself! We have all the top, best, and newest projects to inspire you. What are you waiting for?

Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets
Refurbish your old cabinets
Look at whether you can improve existing cabinets before choosing new ones. Revitalize them with fresh paint and minor repairs.
Test the paint color first
You need to be really sure about the paint color you want. Kitchen cabinets tend to dominate the room, so the color needs to be right.
Open shelving for easy access
Have easy access to everything you need by leaving off the doors. You could create or buy kitchen shelving rather than cabinets with doors.
Add some unique details
Don’t settle for plain cabinets with no interesting features. Why not add extra shelves, new knobs, or some trim to spice things up?
Think about your storage needs
Find the exact type and amount of storage space that you need. A combination of different-sized cabinets can be used to get it just right.
Top Projects for Kitchen Cabinets

Check out our top DIY kitchen cabinet projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

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Kitchen Cabinet Videos

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DIY Pull-Out Cabinet Shelves for Under $30 Each

Do you ever forget about kitchen items you own because they ended up buried in the back of one of your cabinets? Deep base cabinets are great for the storage of large pots and pans, but things often get pushed to the back and forgotten about or left there to avoid having to bend down and dig them out. Pull-out cabinet shelves are the perfect solution to that problem and make the best use of all available storage by making it easily and instantly accessible!I built pull-out cabinet shelves for my kitchen base cabinets and could not be happier with how much function they add to our kitchen. Even though the storage space was there all along, it was virtually hidden and the pull-out shelves brought our stored items back into use. This project was not difficult but if you are unfamiliar with using pocket hole screws, it may take a bit of practice and therefore, I would describe it as a medium difficulty project.

How to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen needs a face lift but you’re not ready to do a complete renovation, then replacing the kitchen cabinet doors may be just the project for you. Upgrading your cabinets instead of tearing them down and installing new ones is a popular way to update your kitchen on a small budget. If your base cabinets are in decent shape you can have the look of brand new cabinets just by swapping out the doors. In this blog post I’ll explain the entire process from start to finish.

New Kitchen Cabinet Projects

New kitchen cabinet projects are here to spark your creativity and grace your home!

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