Lay some ardex on your current countertop

It’s an inexpensive way to get bold and black countertops. Get tutorial here

Attach a curved slab of concrete

This design is perfect for an extended table or island. Get tutorial here

Redo your Formica countertops

A feather finish is the perfect way to upgrade your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Paint your concrete a bright blue

Make your kitchen really stand out with this unique idea. Get tutorial here

Make it look like stone with coffee grounds

You won’t actually have stone countertop, but with coffee grounds you can certainly achieve that look. Get tutorial here

Get a custom style with molds

You can decide the width and thickness of your countertops this way. Get tutorial here

Add stones and gems into the concrete

Who said cement has to be industrial? These colorful stones can make your kitchen warm and engaging. Get tutorial here

Continue your countertop down the sides

Create a border for your cabinets by extending the countertop down the side. Get tutorial here

Add a few layers for a textured look

You get to cover up any blemishes or holes from your laminate countertops with this tutorial. Get tutorial here

Mold your slabs before adding them on

Move the mess of making counters out of your kitchen with this clever idea. Get tutorial here

Pair it with a slate tile backsplash

The earth tones really bring out the grey concrete. Get tutorial here