Look What My Husband Did!

Here in my country, Guatemala, three days a week a truck comes to the block to pick up any metal trash people want to sell. I do not sell to much to them, what I really do is buy things from them. I bought a metal rack with some burned wicker. You can see the photo below.
I gave my husband an idea for making a cabinet. He look at me like "wow, another proyect!" I told him: "another challenge, baby!"
This was the way it look when we bought it.A mess!
The rack clean. My husband work for a full day taking the burned wicker and sanding the metal bars.
He paint the rack in white, with spray paint.
Then he make a box for the first cabinet.
He made a box for the bottom too, two shelves and make an up and down door for the cabinet of the top.
He used to work with MDF,but our local supplier is not selling it any more. We bought Playwood.
He covered with the coloured varnish, let it dry and covered all the wood with newspaper. Then, he sprayed the metal with brown paint and I put some touches of brass color, with spray too. We choose and art deco wooden handles. I love it!
The final touch. Looks so tropical now, with plants, a fan, my husband small boats and a wooden crab. I hope you like!
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  • Wendy Bagby Wendy Bagby on Mar 02, 2016
    I love seeing what others may think is trash reused! It looks marvelous!

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Nov 05, 2017
    great job guys !! YOU for picking the item..and hubby for his creativity !! Looks super !