Can I use this faucet for my kitchen sink?

I bought a home 3 years ago. The house was built in 1988. The original kitchen sink faucet is still installed.

I've done quite a bit of basic plumbing. I installed a new bathroom faucet. I replaced the main bathroom Moen cartridge. I've totally replaced all the insides of both toilets. So I am quite versed in how to install a faucet.

There are 3 holes in the kitchen sink. I was gifted a Koehler faucet but it has a sprayer line. There is no place for a sprayer in the sink. The price of the faucet is close to $200. I can't return it. The faucet was bought about 5 years ago. The person who gave the faucet sold their home.

Can I use this faucet for my sink? I'm tired of the old one!
q can i use this faucet for my kitchen sink
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